Skyler Schofner Taking It Easy

July can be slow in the recruiting game for a number of different reasons. For this Ohio offensive lineman, it's by personal choice. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Skyler Schofner for a brief chat on how his summer has been.

Topher Smith: So Skyler, it's been a while since anyone has caught up with you really.  How's everything been going?

Skyler Schofner: Recruiting has slowed down pretty much.  It's the summer you know.

Topher Smith: Have you been up to much recently, like going to any camps or unofficial visits, or things of that nature?

Skyler Schofner: I haven't done anything.  I've just been lifting, working, and playing football.  That's really about it.

Topher Smith: Have you been in touch with any of the colleges or anything like that over the summer?

Skyler Schofner: Not really.  I get letters and all that stuff.  Every once in a while I'll call up a coach or something, you know?

Topher Smith: When was the last time you got in touch with Michigan?

Skyler Schofner: It's been a while.

Topher Smith: What did you guys get a chance to talk about when you did speak last?

Skyler Schofner: They just talked about their recruiting efforts and then telling me to just keep putting in work.

Topher Smith: Since summer is halfway over, do you have any plans to start going out on some visits or anything?

Skyler Schofner: I'm not sure, you know?  If I do, it'd be a last minute thing, so I'm still just not sure.

Topher Smith: What about when the fall hits, for official visits?

Skyler Schofner: Yeah, I'm going to take a few official visits probably.

Topher Smith: So have you been talking with Mark Bihl recently?

Skyler Schofner: I'm one of the groomsmen in his wedding right here.  He still just tells me to do what I want, and do the best thing for me.  He just wants it to benefit me, wherever I choose to go.

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