Brandan Kearney picks up another offer

2011 wingman Brandan Kearney had his game on display in front of more then just a few college coaches this past weekend in Indiana. As he continues to play well, colleges are taking notice. GBW talked with Brandon about a new offer and how the recruiting process is going.

6'5 wingman Brandan Kearney from Detroit Southeastern has been around the Michigan family for a long time, so much so that as a youngster he hated their biggest rival.

"I hated Ohio State when I was younger. That was the team I didn't not like at all," he told GoBlueWolverine.

Apparently times have changed and he has grown up and matured a lot ... and his thoughts on the Buckeyes have changed somewhat.

"I have had the chance to go down and visit the campus and talk with the coaches, and I have really gotten to know them very well," he said recently. "I am getting to know them in a different light. Coach Matta told me there is a chance they might offer me."

This past weekend Brandan played in Indianapolis in front of Thad Matta and staff, Michigan's John Mahoney and Michigan State's Mark Montgomery. Brandon's play earned him a prominent scholarship offer. One play in particular might have sealed the deal: with the game on the line, time running out and his team down by 4 points Brandon stepped up for his team. He pulled up for a jumper behind the three point arc made the shot and was fouled; he made the free throw and sent the game into overtime. Last night he received a call from a Big Ten coach.

"Coach Matta from Ohio State called and offered me yesterday," he told GBW. "It made me feel real good. He told me when he was watching me play all it took was four minutes for him to know that he wanted to offer a scholarship to me. There were three things that he said I had to do to keep the offer and that was: be a good citizen, continue to work at my game, and get good grades. I do all those things anyway so that won't be a problem."

Brandan is certainly enjoying the recruiting process with offers from Michigan, Michigan State and now Ohio State. He has become really impressed with Michigan's John Beilein and Ohio State's Thad Matta.

"When I talk too Coach Beilein and Coach Matta I get the feeling like they really want me. Coach Izzo does that as well. They have different personalities: Coach Beilein and Matta are laid back and smooth with it and Coach Izzo is the rah-rah type. The coaching staffs are very diverse and I like the way they work."

There are three points of interest that Brandan will be looking at when choosing a college ... the list could grow but for right now there are just three.

"I am looking for good academics because that is very important; and then I want a coach who is good at player development; last I would like to feel wanted by a school. Those things are important to me".

A decision right now will be put on hold to know a little more about some of the schools that are recruiting him. And his dad is helping with the recruiting process.

"I would like to get to a point to cut my list down after my offers come in. I would like to get to know everyone and then make a decision. My dad and I agree and  disagree about recruiting ... so at the end of the day we will both be on the same page."

As Brandan's play continues to improve I would expect more offers to come his way.

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