2011 Athlete Taiwan Jones Talks Recruiting

The 6-4, 200 pounder from Anchor Bay High School in New Baltimore MI (north of Detroit on Lake St. Clair) had an impressive performance at linebacker on Tuesday of the Michigan Camp this summer. GBW hooked up with Jones to talk a little about recruiting.

Sam Webb: How was your Michigan camping experience?

Taiwan Jones: "It was good. A lot of good competition. The coaches told me that they were going to give me season tickets and keep looking at me."

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you about what position that they like you for?

Taiwan Jones: "Yeah linebacker."

Sam Webb: Your dad told me you did pretty well at the Michigan State camp as well. tell me about that camp experience.

Taiwan Jones: "There were a lot of kids. There were some good athletes there."

Sam Webb: What were those coaches saying to you?

Taiwan Jones: "They said the same thing. They like me and I can come down whenever I want."

Sam Webb: Did they say what position they like you for?

Taiwan Jones: "They didn't really say."

Sam Webb: Aside from Michigan and Michigan State, who are some of the other schools that you are hearing from?

Taiwan Jones: "Eastern (Michigan) and Central (Michigan)."

Sam Webb: Any out of state schools?

Taiwan Jones: "Georgia sent me some mail but that's about it."

Sam Webb: You got any other plans to make it out to any other schools or camps before your school year starts or is that pretty much it?

Taiwan Jones: "Northwestern on the 30th of July."

Sam Webb: Has Northwestern been on you pretty hard so far?

Taiwan Jones: "A little bit, not that much."

Sam Webb: You've been through for a little bit now and we know the schools that are looking at you, but who are some of the schools that you like?

Taiwan Jones: "I just like whoever will be paying for school."

Sam Webb: You have a lot of schools that are going to be coming your way come fall time, but a lot of them want you to come down and visit their schools. Have you sat and thought about when you are going to be trying to make it to the various schools, like what games you are going to try and go to and things like that?

Taiwan Jones: "Not yet. I will eventually."

Sam Webb: So tell me this, have any of these schools offered you a scholarship yet?

Taiwan Jones: "No not yet."

Sam Webb: Now let's assume for the sake of argument that they do you offer you scholarships, are you trying to make an early decision, are you trying to wait until your senior year; have you thought about that at all?

Taiwan Jones: "I'll probably just wait until my senior year or right before my senior year."

Sam Webb: So when you do get ready to sit down and make that choice; I know that is a long way away, but when you get ready to sit down and make it, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Taiwan Jones: "The coaches, and how the program is moving."

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