Saginaw Kids' Announcement Set

While Saginaw's <B>Lamarr Woodley</B> and <B>Jerome Jackson</B> are in the middle of in-home visits and so are still deciding where to go ("It's a bit of a zoo"), the announcement process has been set. I talked to Lamarr and Coach Donald Durrett last night (Wednesday).

The Insiders' #2 prospect All-American linebacker Lamarr Woodley (Dec. 6 official visit, MSU Nike stats: 6-1 1/2, 250 lbs., 4.0 in the shuttle; 4.72 in the 40, 4.0 in the shuttle, 29-inch vertical jump, 315-lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/16 ACT) from Saginaw, Mich. told yours truly Wednesday night:

"Hi Tom. No, I haven't made my mind up yet (chuckling). And Michigan hasn't set its in-home yet. I've talked to Coach Durrett about how Jerome (running back Jerome Jackson, Dec. 6 official visit, MSU Nike stats: 5-11 1/2, 193 lbs. ... 4.45 in the 40, 3.5 GPA/16 ACT) and I will announce our decision but it isn't settled yet as far as I know."

So I called Coach Durrett late last night and asked him about it -- and he has in-fact figured out how the decision will be announced.

"It's been a bit of a zoo here. USC is in Lamarr's home tonight (Wednesday), Michigan State tomorrow, and Michigan will be there tomorrow too, but not Coach Carr. Coach Carr will come in next week when he can make a day of it, come to the school, watch Lamarr play basketball, and go into the home."

"Have Lamarr and Jerome made up their minds already ? I'd say not."

"We will let you and some other media know on February fourth, and then Lamarr and Jerome Jackson will have a press conferenceat school to announce their decisions on the morning of the 5th."

Note: for the record, yours truly has gone into an 'cautiously optimistic' mode regarding Lamarr and Jerome.

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