Drummond's Leaderboard Set

Hubbard (OH) ATH Kurtis Drummond has settled on a top three, and one of the schools in that triumvirate could be on the receiving end of a welcomed call in a matter of weeks.

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"It's Michigan State and then Michigan, and I'm going to go down and look at West Virginia," Drummond stated.  "I'd say right now that those are my top few. "

In addition to the Spartans and Wolverines, Drummond has also received offers from Akron, Toledo, Kent, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Ohio, Miami of Ohio, Indiana, Louisville, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Boston College, and Wisconsin.  A few other schools may add to that tally in the coming days.

"West Virginia is waiting on me to come down and visit before they offer," Drummond reported.  "I've been getting a lot of talk from Iowa.  (The list) could get bigger, but I'm not really sure."

Many of Drummond's suitors (including both Michigan and Michigan State) covet him as a defender.  That said, he is versatile enough to project as a wideout on the next level as well.  There are still a few programs pursuing him for his offensive ability, but they currently have ground to make up.  Any school hoping to make its way onto or up the list may have to make its move in the near future or risk missing the opportunity altogether.

"(A decision) could happen before the season," he said.  "There's a good chance that it could happen before the season, but I'm not 100% sure yet.  For one thing, I want to figure out if defense is what I want to play first.  It also depends on what other schools I get out and see… how much they continue talking and things like that."

"It will come down to probably just a show of interest…where I stand on their board, and just staying in contact with the coaches," Drummond continued.  "I want to go where the coaching staff is up front and they're going to let you know where they stand and they are not going to just try to sugarcoat everything.  I want somebody that is going to push me.  I basically want to go somewhere that is going to better me and give me an opportunity for the next level."

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