Amaker and Players Discuss Victory Over OSU

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker, LaVell Blanchard, and Daniel Horton discuss the victory over Ohio State in a post game press conference.

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the confidence around the team:

"I'm very excited, as you can imagine. For the second time in a very short period of time we've gotten the confidence of being able to say we've beaten two very good teams in our conference and who shared a conference title just a year ago. We're very proud of our kids for their effort and toughness they've displayed here."

On winning big games on the road:

"You win games in this conference, be they home or on the road, with character, hard work and toughness. I think that our team has developed that 'You never give up, you never say die' attitude. We certainly displayed that at various moments. The identity of this team is a very blue-collar, hard-working team."

On keeping Brent Darby in check:

"I though we were successful at changing defenses to throw a little bit of a different look, maybe change the tempo and throw some people off their rhythm. We did a good job in the first half, but he was six for six from the line. We started Bernard Robinson out on Darby, and his defense was tremendous, as was the effort all our perimeter players put into defending a scorer of his caliber."

LaVell Blanchard

On what has contributed to the team's recent success:

"I think Coach Amaker has shown a lot of enthusiasm in practice and for the team in the games. Every aspect of the team and the family atmosphere that has grown has been important for us."

On establishing flow in the first half with so many fouls called:

"It was very difficult. I don't know how much I played then, but the guys really stepped up in my absence and that really speaks for the family atmosphere we have that I could go out with foul trouble and they can pick it up and do fine."

Daniel Horton

On entering into his first Big Ten road contest:

"We knew we were going to have to be tough to come in here and win."

On all the fouls called in the first half:

"We had a meeting with the referees at the start of the year and they told us how they were going to make calls on things. It wasn't a surprise. They were calling things just how they said they would. You can't really complain about it because some went our way, others didn't."

On responding to early foul trouble:

"I think that's all a part of being a team. Guys like Sherrod (Harrell) came in and played tough defense when we needed it. He and LaVell (Blanchard) had to change up on defensive possessions and he was able to play great in that time."

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