Sat ESPN RISE 7-7 Action: Live Updates *#7*

*Update #7: The Finals, Wrapup* GBW is there scouting the Orlando/ESPN Gridiron Kings 7-7 Tourney for you. The Midwest Team has Austin White, Brandon Ifill, Cullen Christian, Dior Mathis, Kyle Prater... plus Cleveland Glenville DB Christian Bryant and OSU QB commit, Taylor Graham. The West Team has Marvin Robinson. Here's game-by-game updates.

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ESPN GK Update #7: Wrapups.

Sat ESPN/GK Update 6: Midwest vs. West.

Sat ESPN/GK Update 5: Semifinals Quickie.

Sat ESPN/GK Update 4: Midwest Empire Strikes Back over Southeast.

Gridiron Kings Update #2: West's First Game -- woopsie-doodle.

Midwest/North's First Game -- oopsie.

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