Michigan Makes Impression on Terry Talbott

Huber Heights (OH) Wayne DT Terry Talbott thought he had a good idea of what Michigan was like, but once he finally saw it during his visit earlier this week all of his expectations were surpassed. Have the Wolverines now moved to the top of the pack?

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"It was nice," said Talbott of his recent Michigan visit.  "We went into the Big House and checked it out.  It was nice.  I liked it.  I kind of shocked because I didn't know how everything was going to be, but construction with the facilities and all that stuff… it was real nice.  I always knew the Big House was big – that's the name.  I knew all that, but I'm just saying, the academics and all that stuff, it was all real good."

Talbott also had the opportunity to get a great deal of face time with a number of Michigan coaches and came away extremely impressed with them as well.

"I talked to Coach Hopson, I talked to the DB coach (Gibson), and I talked to Coach Rodriguez, Talbott recalled.  "It's like (Rodriguez) knows you.  I asked them some questions and they just gave me some good answers and just made my decision a little bit harder.  I learned a lot of stuff up there.  I can see myself playing up there."

While it's clear that the Wolverines strong showing enhanced their chances of landing the talented linemen, there are a few other contenders that are currently on equal footing.

"(Michigan) was always on the top of my list -- the first three I say all the time is Wisconsin, UCLA and Michigan," Talbott reported.  "Those are the top three, but that is not in any order. That's just the top (group).  I haven't been to UCLA, but I have been to Wisconsin.  (Michigan) has a little bit more facility-wise than (Wisconsin) did.  Both academic wise are real good though."

Talbott insists that the scholastic reputation of all his suitors will receive thorough review.  When all is said and done, that will be among the key factors in his final decision.

"Academics are going to be one of the most important things for me personally," he said.  "I'm not too sure what I am going to do yet.  You just want to make that decision that is going to be the right one.  You can't just look at it football wise… you have to look at it academic wise too.  Just find a place that I can be comfortable in so I can make sure that I do the best at school, and also on the football field too."

Another factor that could weigh heavily into the equation is the chance to attend the same school as his brother, Terrence Talbott.

"That is one thing that we always talk about," stated Talbott.  "But you never know what is going to happen.  We might have a disagreement of some colleges but that is one of the biggest things that we are going to try and do.  But I aint going to make my decision right now.  I just want to wait a little bit longer to make my decision.  I just want to see a little bit more before I go ahead and make my decision.  I want to take some official visits.  I probably won't take all five, but I'm going to try to take at least a couple of them."

For the time being Talbott is less concerned with recruiting and much more focused on getting prepared to dominate in his final season as a prep.

"When you watch me, you're going to see intensity," Talbott promised.  "I'm going to come out every play at 110% and just get that quarterback so that the DBs and linebackers get their coverage back or just get a pick.  One of the best feelings for a defensive lineman is just getting one of those big sacks.  That's what I go out there for… just to make a big hit.  I just get all psyched up and excited for it.  I'm ready for the season!"

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