Smith's Recruitment Coming Into Focus

West Chester (OH) Lakota West TE Alex Smith had a wide array of interested suitors after reopening his recruitment earlier this summer. The one-time Cincinnati verbal has now pared down his list of contenders and is about to begin lining up visits. Seven teams are still standing.

Sam Webb:  When you were down in Florida (at the ESPN Gridiron Kings event) you said that you were probably going to narrow things down here shortly. I was wondering if you've had a chance to do that yet?

Alex Smith: "I kind of got a little bit of a basis.  I guess I narrowed it down a little bit, yeah."

Sam Webb:  What have you narrowed it down to so far?

Alex Smith: "In no order, I'm liking UNC, Michigan, Wisconsin, Miami, LSU and UK."

Sam Webb:  What about Cincinnati?

Alex Smith: "Yeah, of course."

Sam Webb:  I know when we were down in Orlando you said you were going to make it to over Miami for a visit, but that wound up not happening. Have you rescheduled?

Alex Smith: "We haven't decided if we are going to make it for a trip this summer.  We are going to decide after two-a-days, if we are going to get down there for the summer or just make them an official visit."

Sam Webb:  What about the time since you've been back from Florida… any other visits?

Alex Smith: "Yeah Wisconsin."

Sam Webb:  How was that?

Alex Smith: "It was great.  I've been to a lot of different camps and it just sounds really different there.  I got a good feel for it.  They got a great, great tight end program."

Sam Webb:  Their offense being more of conventional pro styled offense; is that something that appealed to you?

Alex Smith: "Yeah definitely... and how many balls the tight ends catch there."

Sam Webb:  Did you ever get a chance to talk to Coach Hopson (his Michigan recruiter)?

Alex Smith: "Yeah I got to talk to him and we've still be chatting over email and stuff.  He is just mostly checking in, seeing if I'm narrowing stuff down and everything.  He's wanting me to mostly schedule an official.  He wants me to get up there for the full experience type thing.  That's really what he is pushing for and he just continue to tell me I'm the #1 tight end on their board.  Coach Rodriguez is loving me there."

Sam Webb:  Did he mention any particular games that he's trying to get you to come to?

Alex Smith: "Not yet.  That's decision is pretty much up to me, but I wouldn't mind being there for the OSU weekend if I was going to go." 

Sam Webb:  That's late in the season. I know when we talked before…

Alex Smith: "Yeah that is late.  I haven't even looked at their schedule.  I didn't know when that was."

Sam Webb:  That's the last game of the game season.  I know that doesn't fit with what you said before about wanting to get something done early.  Having seen Wisconsin and thinking about them more, and knowing that you might want to take a visit to Miami… does that push things back a little bit or do you still want to decide pretty early?

Alex Smith: "I still want to decide pretty early.  Like with Wisconsin, I'm pretty much scheduling an official to go there and when I go there, it is going to be their first game of the season, so it is pretty early."

Sam Webb:  What's the likelihood that you will take more than one official?

Alex Smith: "Two or three for sure.  I don't know how many I need to take because after going places, I know what they have to offer and no real need to go back."

Sam Webb:  What is the likelihood that you make it back to Michigan?  Do you think you've seen what you need to see there?

Alex Smith: "I'm pretty sure I'm going to be back there.  I'm positive I'll be back."

Sam Webb:  Could it be case with that some of these schools will receive unofficial visits so you can stick to your timeline?

Alex Smith: "Yeah exactly.  Like some that are closer and if there are a few more schools that I want to have a little look at them and take some officials there."

Sam Webb:  When does camp start?

Alex Smith: "It already has.  It started Monday."

Sam Webb:  How does it look so far?

Alex Smith: "It's real good.  Team is looking great.  We were 6-4 (last year) and lost all of our games in the last second, the fourth quarter, which is disappointing.  We should have done a lot better.  This year, we are supposed to be the best in our conference.  Our team is unbelievable this year.  We got 10 or 11 division 1 players on our team."

Sam Webb:  One more thing… since you've been home from Orlando have any of the prospects that are committed to other schools been staying in contact with you saying, "hey, you need to come to school with me?"

Alex Smith: "Yeah.  The wide receiver that goes there that was on my team that is going to Michigan (Austin White)… he has been in contact with me."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Smith in the coming weeks.

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