Is the South Calling Olaniyan?

Warren (MI) Mott DE C.J. Olaniyan is one of the top uncommitted players still on the board in the state of Michigan. Though obviously a priority for many schools in Big Ten country, schools in the SEC and Big 12 could be building momentum.

Things have been pretty quiet on the recruiting front lately for Warren Mott DE C.J. Olaniyan.'s #29 DE had recently mentioned that his time would be spent trimming down his collection of suitors.  Has he now settled on a more workable list of favorites?

"Not yet," he replied.  "Probably in couple of weeks .  My phone was off so I haven't spoke (to college coaches) in like two weeks.   I've talked to Coach Kul from Missouri and Coach Johnson from Penn State.  That's about it.  I got some emails Purdue, Michigan, State, and Iowa.  Coach Smith from Michigan sent me a message and told me to call them too."

As Olaniyan's deliberation process enters the next stage, a few new factors have emerged that may affect which programs make the cut.  One of those factors could be the recruitment of one of his teammates.

"We went down to Missouri (Wednesday, August 5th)," Olaniyan reported.  "It was nice.  We went down there with one of our receivers because they are looking at him too… Martez Kelly.  He is starting to make a name for himself now.  He is starting to get a lot of schools looking at him.  We both like Missouri.  We're trying to see if he can get a scholarship from them.  Maybe we can go to Missouri together."

The good friends are paying close attention to the schools they have in common. Growing that list may simply be a matter of sending out tape of Kelly, who also plays corner, to the coaches that are interested.

"All of MAC schools and Wisconsin are looking at him," said Olaniyan of Kelly.  "Michigan State is a little bit.  They said they wanted to see some film.  It's mostly Missouri and Wisconsin.  Penn State (is looking) just a little bit.  They haven't seen film yet.   We'd like to go to school together if it's an option."

Another factor that could weigh heavily into the decision making process are Olaniyan's southern roots.  As time has gone on he has become increasingly interested in exploring options in that region of the country, especially in his home state of Georgia.

"I really want to hear more from Georgia and Georgia Tech," Olaniyan admitted.  "If I find out that Georgia and Georgia Tech are looking at me, I might push (cutting down his list down to a top five) back a little bit more."

"I'm real interested in the South," he continued.  I want to see what Alabama is talking about.  I already got a scholarship from Miami… now I want to see what Florida is talking about.  I'm trying to see what Texas is talking about too.  I heard a lot from LSU, but it has slowed down a little bit.  During the season they came by the school a couple of times.  I just want to see what those schools are talking about, especially Georgia and Georgia Tech."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Olaniyan in the coming weeks.

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