Why Is Orr Leaving Early?

Michigan defensive end <B>Shantee Orr</B> surprised everyone by declaring for the NFL draft this week. Here is former Michigan recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet's 'take' on why Orr did it.

Michigan defensive end Shantee Orr (6-2, 260 lbs.) was in his fourth year at Michigan this past season. And Orr had a very good season at that: he missed two games due to injury, but made ten tackles-for-loss (second best on the Wolverines after to Victor Hobson) and six sacks (tied for team leader with Hobson). For his efforts he was named honorable mention All Big Ten by both the media and the coaches.

We asked former Michigan recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet, who knows Orr pretty well, why he thinks Shantee came out early.

"I talked to Shantee when he was deciding and advised him to stay in school. I thought he'd improve his draft status if he played one more year. But he had good reasons for going ahead and declaring."

"First off, he'll he leaving with his degree -- he will finish up a couple credits this spring."

"A big part of his decision was to help his sister and mom. His dad was killed tragically you know, so family finances weighed heavily in his decision."

"Also, his injury this year got him thinking -- he was out two games you know. So improving his draft status by staying another year was counterbalanced for him by the possibility of injury."

"Finally, there was the factor of his positon coach, Brady Hoke, leaving for Ball State. So there will be a new position coach coming in. He also felt that he would not be leaving the team in the lurch, because his defensive end position is deep for next year, with Alain Kashama, Larry Stevens and Pierre Woods all there."

"Coach Carr didn't want him to leave of course, and Carr and Eric Campbell talked to him."

"And in my opinion, the best thing would've been for him to stay. Shantee is talented, but staying would've increased his draft status. This year he's probably a 4th or 5th round pick. He's a lot like (former Wolverine DE) James Hall, he knows how to get to quarterback. He will have some success in the NFL."

"But for reasons above, Shantee just felt he could not wait."

"Shantee is a good kid. He has a will to succeed -- and he has a good motor. He's had ups and downs and got through all of them. So I think he will make it."

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