A New Michigan Assistant Coach?

When will Michigan hire a new assistant coach to replace Brady Hoke (hired as the Ball State coach)? And who will it be? We asked former Michigan recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet for his opinions on the matter.

"Michigan hasn't hired a new coach anyone yet, I'm pretty sure of that."

"And the new coach will not be Jim Boccher (grad assistant who coached special teams this year), who was hired by Brady Hoke for a Ball State job."

"It is unlike Carr not to have someone already in place there."

"Is Carr waiting for Signing Day to announce his new coach? Possibly -- he might have someone picked but his current team may want to wait until after Signing Day."

"The new coach will most likely be as a defense or special team's coach. If the new hire is Corwin Brown (former Wolverine and NFL safety, currently an assistant at Virginia) he could coach special teams, and possibly help with defensive backs and safeties. Or if the new hire is Doug Mallory (another former Wolverine safety, currently at Oklahoma State) he could coach special teams and/or safeties."

"However ... with Carr waiting to hire someone, he just may go outside of 'Michigan men' for the new coach. I guarantee if he doesn't name a coach before Signing Day, it will happen right after."

How will a new coach affect the current coaching assignments?

"I think there is a good chance that Bill Sheridan (linebackers coach this year) will move to defensive line, that a grad assistant (Steve Morrison perhaps) may coach outside linebackers, and Jim Herrmann the inside linebackers (as well as being defensive coordinator)."

"And by the way, as far as rumors of (Michigan defensive backs coach) Teryl Austin going to the Cincinnati Bengals -- it's not going to happen. He will stay for another year."

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