Michigan Makes its Mark on Plumlee

The name Plumlee is familiar in college recruiting circles. Miles and Mason Plumlee were heavily courted prospects in recent years and both are now members of the Duke Blue Devils. Now it's their younger brother Marshall's turn to play the recruiting game. After c/o 2011 standout's visit to Ann Arbor Monday, Michigan appears to be among the prime contenders for his services.

Sam Webb:  Tell me how long you stayed on campus and what all they had you do while you were here.

Marshall Plumlee:  "We probably showed up about nine in the morning and met with the coaches and they gave us a tour of all the facilities.  I got a chance to meet the strength and conditioning coach, which I'm really glad that I did.  From there they took us and we met the dean of admissions who is also a medical doctor and that was a neat experience, definitely one of the highlights of the visit.  A very, very amazing man and learned a lot from him and he really helped me get a better picture of what kind of things I need to be worried about when pursuing my academic goals and that was huge to me.  That really helped me get a better understanding of how some schools like Michigan make it possible for you to pursue both your academic and basketball goals.  That was a lot of fun.  Then we went and toured the football facilities.  Then I met a lot of the players throughout the whole visit and that was pretty neat, because all of their players are very well spoken and all of them great kids.  I can see how they all have a lot of fun there at Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Last time we talked, there is no question that you seemed to already have a pretty good appreciation for what John Beilein is about… what he is like as a coach and where his expertise lies.  Did you get a better feel for that while you were on the visit?

Marshall Plumlee:  "Yeah I definitely got a better feel and probably my best insight was the players.  All the players I hung out with away from the coaching staff and they just talked about how they enjoyed the way he approached the game and they just enjoyed being coached by them.  They don't really need to tell me that.  I can watch games on TV and contrary to a lot of kids that you see playing now, the Michigan team, all the players seem like their really enjoying themselves out there and that is how it should be."

Sam Webb:  When you talked to Coach Beilein, what did he say to you about fit?  Did he show you video of how he'd use you and that kind of thing?

Marshall Plumlee:  "He talked a lot about expanding my game in a lot of different ways.  Obviously everyone who plays for Michigan is a great shooter.  That is something that I'm going to try and work on the next few years and try to add that to my game.  I know if I went to Michigan I'd have to become a great shooter.  He showed me some video reels of the types of sets and different places I'd play on the court and it's very exciting because I feel like I could work to fit a lot of those molds.  It's sort of the way I feel like I play a little bit already."

Sam Webb:  Has he offered you a scholarship?

Marshall Plumlee:  "Yes, he had offered a scholarship actually before… I'd have to say about a month ago over the phone."

Sam Webb:  This summer on the AAU circuit, did you know Coach Beilein sort of following you around a little bit?

Marshall Plumlee:  "Yeah, yeah.  I noticed him from tournament to tournament.  He definitely was one of the more prominent coaches.  When you see him come to your game everyone is talking and it is exciting.  I definitely knew he was there, but at the same time you got to ignore that and just keep working and try to win with your team."

Sam Webb:  Another thing we talked about this summer was how you obviously have two brothers that are currently attending Duke.  The obvious assumption is that the Blue Devils will figure prominently on your list because of that.  Is it a likely scenario that you follow in their footsteps or is it more likely that you blaze your own trail?

Marshall Plumlee:  "I'm not leaning particularly in any direction.  I think I've got just a good a chance of going to Duke as going to any other school.  At this point, I have to wait and see if they recruit me.  Even if they do decide to start recruiting me, I'm open to every school.  At this point, I am doing my due diligence to give ever school a fair shake because there are so many great programs.  You can't count any of them out this early in the recruiting process."

Sam Webb:  who are sort of the schools that are making the strongest push for you at this point in time?

Marshall Plumlee:  "I'd have to say that I've noticed the most from Florida, IU (Indiana), Michigan obviously, Minnesota and Virginia.  They are the schools I'm probably hearing from the most at this moment in time."

Sam Webb:  Of those schools, aside from Michigan, which ones have you been to?

Marshall Plumlee:  "I've been to Florida and I've been to IU but that's it so far.  I'm going to be taking a visit to Virginia later in August."

Sam Webb:  I don't know if you've thought this far ahead, but do you have in your mind a sort of timeline for how long you'd like this process to take… when you'd like to name a favorite, when you'd like to make your final decision?

Marshall Plumlee:  "I haven't really thought it about.  There are so many good options out there on the table, I'm going to wait and watch and see how these teams do this next year.  Some of the teams will eliminate themselves, other programs will start to become more attractive.  I guess for you, I couldn't really give you a timeline, it is just not going to be any time soon, I guess."

Sam Webb:  Let's assume for the sake of argument that you are at that time, you are about to make that decision; what are going to be the most significant, most impactful factors in that choice?

Marshall Plumlee:  "One of the biggest things to me is that I want to go to a place where the players enjoy being there, I'd want to stay for four years, I'd want to come back to after my college career.  I want it to be a place where I know I'm going to go to and they are going to develop my game and make me a better basketball player.  I don't want to go into any programs where I would be limited.  I got to be trying to expand my game and always getting better.  That's probably what is very attractive about Michigan, programs like Michigan – Coach Beilein is renowned for making his players better in one way or another.  I'm definitely going to give Michigan a hard look."

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