Molk Sees Big Difference in '09 Team

Michigan sophomore center David Molk sat down with the media recently to discuss his impressions of the team through week one of fall camp. The Wolverine trenchman discussed the growth of the offensive line, the leadership it provides, the play of the quarterbacks, the improvement of the defense, and more.

Question:  Talk about how you guys have gelled on the line and what a difference a year makes in that respect.

Dave Molk:  "Big difference.  It is actually a huge difference.  We all know each other.  We know where each other's feet are going to be, passing off, zone blocks, belly blocks... all that stuff is completely different this year."

Question:  Lot less mistakes I would imagine at this time than a year ago?

Dave Molk:  "Yeah.  Even so soon at camp, the first string has been doing really well."

Question:  How about you Dave?  There is a lot of responsibility on you; are you better able to handle that now just having gone through it for a year?

Dave Molk:  "Oh yeah.  A year under my belt, lot more experience, spring ball and now we're in my third camp.  It's easier to see defenses.  I'm used to it.  I can see the movement... I can see when they're going to move.  I can see how the linebackers are on the move and it is a lot better, I like it."

Question:  Talk a little bit about what you've seen from some of the young lineman so far and are they picking it up?

Dave Molk:  "Yeah they are picking it up.  Last year, it took me a while to figure it out, so it is going to take them a while to take it out.  They have a lot of potential.  We have a new kid, a couple of new guys, Quinton (Washington); he's a big dude, he's huge.  He's going to do some good things and also Taylor (Lewan); he's very athletic, perfect for this offense.  We have another tackle Mike Schofield and he is looking pretty solid too."

Question:  Who are the talkers and leaders on your line; would you say you were in that role?  Is there anybody who has kind of stepped up and taken that role?

Dave Molk:  "I try to be that role, but we work together.  I'm the youngest guy on the line.  I make all the calls... I cement everything before the snap goes."

Question:  As the youngest guy, what was it like last year.  Was it tough for you last year; Mark Ortmann talked about that, early on being a young guy trying to take command of a line like that.

Dave Molk:  "Yeah.  It's hard because you want to take command fully but you know that you've got upper classman that you need to respect but at the same time, the center has to step up and control.  That's what happened as the season went on and we were better off."

Question:  It looked like in the spring Tate had some problems with the snap a little bit, are you guys ironing those things out?

Dave Molk:  "Oh yeah.  He just had to learn how to take an under center snap and sometimes in high school they don't do it, they don't really know.  It's perfect now."

Question:  Talk about him a little bit; is he showing a little bit of leadership as a freshman?  Is he a talker, what is his personality out there?

Dave Molk:  "He necessarily doesn't have to be a leader.  That's a major thing that I think is going to help him this season.  We don't need, with the experience we have in the O-line, we can set that pace with us.  We just want him to relax, get the ball and make plays and that'd be perfect."

Question:  He certainly seems like a confident kid; is that a good way to characterize it?

Dave Molk:  "Yeah he's confident.  He knows what he is and he knows he can make plays.  It's great.  A little confidence will do you good."

Question:  Are you surprised about how comfortable he's gotten so quickly?

Dave Molk:  "No.  I think it's good.  It's is actually really good that he is comfortable, because it lets him relax and he doesn't have to worry about so many things.  He is better off on the field because he doesn't have his head going a million different places."

Question:  You don't see nerves with him?

Dave Molk:  "No.  It is weird.  I never see the kid crumble, because once in a while you'll see a quarterback and he will start to get kind of shaky, but he's pretty solid."

Question:  Are you seeing a lot of mistakes out there from the quarterbacks rather or a lot less than last year would you say at this time?

Dave Molk:  "I really can't talk.  I don't know the routes and what he's supposed to do in his steps.  It seems like he's making improvements."

Question:  Just in general, how is that position compared to last year; more solidified now?

Dave Molk:  "It's better because we have more options.  We have a solid three guys that can all play.  Well two right now, Denard is moving up; he's starting to get a hold of it, but he hasn't been in the offense long enough.  It's nicer.  We have more options and whatever scheme we want, we got a guy."

Question:  What about the defense; what have you seen from them so far?

Dave Molk:  "They're good.  They're strong.  Mike in the middle is strong – strong bastard (laughter).  Defense is good.  They're fast.  They're quick.  They run to the ball.  (Friday)  they shut us down.  We couldn't score, so they got us."

Question:  Didn't score one?

Dave Molk:  "Well we kicked two field goals…well the last little end thing that we had, was two series and we put it down to the three and we ended up on fourth down."

Question:  Where do you start from on that drill?

Dave Molk:  "The 35.  The weird thing is that we get from the 35 to five play and you are like ughh."

Question:  35 going in?

Dave Molk:  "Yeah going in."

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