Full Transcript: DC Greg Robinson Speaks

Coach Robinson goes over it all -- the new hybrid positions, the inexperience of the unit, Brandon Graham ... just all of it.

Greg Robinson: "…I noticed there was a lot of talk about that. In my mind, it will all take care of itself."

Question: Talk about Stevie Brown and the hybrid position.

Greg Robinson: "Just different. He'll play with the boys just fine. Teams want to try and get big and physical, I think the way we utilize him, he'll be fine. When the field gets spread out, I think that's to our advantage."

Question: What about the defensive line and some younger guys?

Greg Robinson: "I think what I've been pleased with is that I see depth developing at that position because of all the positions that's probably the one we need the most depth because we are going to play the most amount of guys. I think that's kind of taken care of itself. There has been a number of younger players in the program that really since the day we left spring practice till today, there has been growth and development in these people and it's beginning to show up. So I'm encouraged by what I see coming from our defensive line."

Question: How has it been for you coming to Michigan?

Greg Robinson: "It has been very good. From the very start I've felt very comfortable. The people I'm working with, their fine coaches and good guys that the players…one of the big reasons that I decided to come because I know it is Michigan. These are good young people that love football. They've got good heads on their shoulders. So the transition has been great. My wife is loving Ann Arbor, so that's a good thing."

Question: You've coached a lot of special talented players in your career; talk about Brandon Graham.

Greg Robinson: "He's a fine football player. I don't know who he compares with or whatever, but he's got a future ahead of him. I know he's excited about his senior year here and going out the right way. He's going to get a chance to play on Sundays down the road, I think."

Question: What do you see with Mike Martin after his freshman year?

Greg Robinson: "I think it's a development process. He's physically gifted enough. I think as he grows and develops in the areas of his basic fundamentals, which he has, he is only going to get better and better. He has fine movement. He's very strong and he's an intense player. I just think every day is kind of a growing period for him. It'll be interesting to see what the finished product is down the road."

Question: A couple of weeks in now, what is your biggest concern?

Greg Robinson: "I don't really have concerns. I think there might be things…you need to ask me specifically what is it that you're thinking, because my concerns are just about day to day getting better and that's really the way I look at it. That's kind of where we are at and I think we are doing that. We're not perfect. We have room to grow and I think however good we are on the fifth of September, by the 21st of November, we'll be a lot better. I firmly believe that just because of the work ethic of the young people that we have and the coaches that we have. So I think it is a process."

Question: The 4-3 under that you're running similar to what (Pete) Carroll at USC is running?

Greg Robinson: "Some of it. Some of it is similar, some of it is different. When we split, I split and did some of my things and he split and he did some of his things. We still talk and look at each others stuff. He has certain things that he does and I have certain things that I do, but yeah we have some similarities."

Question: Is your 4-3 a one gap defense and will you be mostly in cover one?

Greg Robinson: "Oh no, no. We'll play cover one and we'll play cover two. We have more of a two deep flavor than maybe Pete…see I noticed that Pete's graduated to a little more two deep in the last couple of years. I think Monte Kiffin had some help in that area too. It comes down to what you're going against and what you're doing."

Question: What's the biggest difference that you've seen from early in the year until now?

Greg Robinson: "The biggest difference? I don't know that. I really don't know. I think I've seen the process of development take place. I was pleased when we came back here in August to see that really the osmosis process carried over through the summer and when the players came back, I think they had a better feel for what we were doing and I saw that the physical development had taken a step in the right direction, so those are things that I noticed."

Question: Do you expect to be better against the spread this year?

Greg Robinson: "Better than?"

Question: Better than in the past.

Greg Robinson: "We are going to be better against whoever we play. I'm not comparing us to anything. I know this that I believe when it's all said and done this is going to be a good defense. I think by the end of the year, you people are going to say, hey, you're going to like the way they play. Our goal is to be on the fifth of September, good enough to win, play at a winning level on September fifth and that's the goal and go from there. I think we're headed in that direction, but we still have two more weeks too."

Question: Is the defense's inexperience as concern?

Greg Robinson: "You know what, it really isn't a concern. It's what it was. I told you after spring ball that that was the issue that we had to deal with. We had a lot of young players that really hadn't had a lot of experience and they had 15 practices. I think from the start of training camp until right now, I've watched growth and development in a number of younger players and that's all you can ask for is to see growth. So it isn't necessary a concern that it is just the job at hand. I think our coaches are working at a fever pitch. I think our unit understands what needs to be accomplished. That's a good feeling that people are working hard to develop into what we can be."

Question: How is Brandon Herron working?

Greg Robinson: "He's made progress. He's making progress. Even yesterday, he took another step in the right direction. I've been pleased that he's coming along."

Question: There are only two seniors on this defense, have any of the underclassman stepped up into the vocal leadership role, trying to help the younger players on the two deep like (Brandin) Hawthorne, and (Mike) Jones and those guys, (Will) Campbell, bringing those young guys along.

Greg Robinson: "I think in each position group area, we have leadership from players that obviously aren't seniors. I think at D-line position, BG, just by his play others they take too it. (Ryan) Van Bergen has got fine leadership skills. I think some of the guys, even back up guys. I see Greg Banks becoming a more vocal guy, as he grows more and more confident in his play. I think leadership comes about as players begin to feel confident in what their doing that they can kind of help and turn to somebody else. Until you feel that confidence and I don't even if you can really get it done. In the secondary, I think that obviously Donovan Warren is a person that is well respected by the whole defense and the back end. Even Boubacar is only going to be a sophomore, but let me tell you by the way that he plays and the effort that he performs at, he inspires other guys to get going and to do things. I think Obi Ezeh obviously is a player at the linebacker position that has established leadership and I think as Jonas Mouton grows more and more comfortable in the scheme, I think…I know his attitude is one that is to be an all out guy and that in itself helps others. There are a number of players that are felt by the rest of the group."

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