Full Transcript: O-Coord. Calvin Magee

Full Transcript: Coach Magee on the offense -- particularly the young guys, the receivers, and the quarterbacks.

Question: You mentioned a rotation at slot, do you expect that he'll (Kelvin Grady) see playing time this year?

Calvin Magee: "It is still yet to be determined. I can tell you that he is doing really well, really, really well."

Question: Do you think the skills from basketball court has transferred at all on the field?

Calvin Magee: "I do. I don't want to spend a lot of time with Kelvin talking basketball, but I do think his ball skills, coming off picks and having to have your hands ready and things like that and some of his blocking, which he hasn't played football for so long, to block in space is kind of difficult because he's a guy that is being guarded in space, guarding other point guards in space. So he has got good hips and got good feet."

Question: Can you talk about what kind of natural athlete that he is, to be able to be out of football and just slip back into it.

Calvin Magee: "Yeah he was gifted. He had the god given talent and some of the questions was just how he was going to transfer them to the team in the physical part of football."

Question: How has Jeremy Gallon been progressing?

Calvin Magee: "Jeremy is coming along about as expected. He was one of the kids who couldn't come up in the summer, so naturally he had to get it all from the beginning once he got here."

Question: Did that hurt him throughout the process or did you think that he is a kid that you think can make an impact on game day?

Calvin Magee: "I don't know yet because there is so much that he has got to learn and we got a competition going on in the position right now, but he's coming. You see the flashes."

Question: Does Martavious (Odoms) still have a strong hold on the slot position?

Calvin Magee: "Nobody has a strong hold on anything. I'm serious about that. Tay has been real consistent. He has improved from last year. He has really improved from last year, but they got one of the guys really competing with them right now."

Question: How comfortable are you at that position with Roy Roundtree, Terrence (Robinson), Jeremy Gallon?

Calvin Magee: "Comfortable with the number of people, very comfortable. To be honest, we got five guys that's pretty talented and all compete. The best part about it is that they all support each other."

Question: What are you looking for in a slot receiver particularly?

Calvin Magee: "There's is the position that allows them to be in space against linebackers, safeties. Out in space, you make the playmakers. I was in my room the other day and we was talking about the kids and it was the same thing. Two of them was quarterbacks in high school. Terrence and Gallon played quarterbacks for their high schools. Tay Odoms was a true slot. Kelvin was a tailback in high school. Roy Roundtree was an outside receiver. So those guys that touch the ball a lot, the players that touch the ball a lot that used to having it in their hands and used to playing in space. We was all joking about hat the other day. These kids always watch either and all that. That's what makes it helpful for them because they've all been ball touches, playmakers."

Question: Is it by design for smaller quicker kind of guys or would you like to have bigger guys playing the slot?

Calvin Magee: "I like to have playmakers. It really doesn't matter. We got two big tight ends that give us the height, things like that. Maybe it is just the hips and quickness. That's always a competition too, who's the tallest."

Question: Does your offensive line coming back allow you to do other things?

Calvin Magee: "Just having the guys with a year period always us to do a little bit more. Just being in the system a year. Being with Mike Barwis conditioning for about a year. That just helps us because now…you always want to have a good base and be solid with space. Now it just allows us to be able to focus a few more bells and whistles with what we do."

Question: Will they be good with all that experience?

Calvin Magee: "I predict it will go really well."

Question: Which position group has made the biggest improvement from last year?

Calvin Magee: "That's a tough one. There has been improvement everywhere. Talk about the receivers, we add a couple of guys and people are healthy, Junior (Hemingway) is healthy then you have more depth there, so there is competition. Yeah Terrence is back with his redshirt and Roy is back with his redshirt and added Kelvin and added Gallon, we have competition there. You talk about the true freshman, Nick being in there another year. So you talk about talk about the O-line. You got these linemen that come back that have this experience now, change their bodies in the off season, so that's a big jump. It's not fair for me to say any one group is the biggest jump, because they have all been upgraded."

Question: You've been the one guy since February that everyone wanted to talk to about Tate, but you always mentioned Denard since you officially signed him, now that he is in camp, he is blowing up making plays left and right; what is it that you saw from Denard from high school and what have you seen him this summer that has made him such…?

Calvin Magee: "Both of those kids and those were the two kids that we targeted the most. They both had a natural ability to be leaders. They both were multidual threats. They both can run. They both can throw. Everybody at the time thought that Denard was just a runner and I think people are going to realize that Denard can throw the ball too. He really can. Tate was here in the spring, so naturally he got a lot of experience running the offense, but the thing that is really good right now is Nick's improvement from year one to year two is unbelievable, but to answer the question directly, we did a lot of evaluating on Denard. We saw all of the elements that we needed to see for him to do well."

Question: Have you ever been in this situation before in your career that you had two true freshman in the mix at quarterback?

Calvin Magee: "No."

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