Moosman Looks For Cohesion

The Wolverines fifth-year senior has gotten a fresh start in Ann Arbor and has made the most of it, inserting himself into the starting lineup. GoBlueWolverine chatted with the behemoth at Sunday's Media Day and got his thoughts on the O-Line, the freshmen, and Western Michigan.

David Moosman was often a forgotten man when it came to the offensive line for the Michigan Wolverines. When Rich Rodriguez took over in 2008, it offered Moosman the ability to generate a fresh start on his time in Ann Arbor. He made the most of it by starting all 12 games at right guard in an otherwise forgettable season for the Wolverines. In 2009, the optimism is large for an equally large young man.

"It looks good," Moosman exuded. "We had a great day yesterday, we had a great scrimmage and I feel like we're coming along to take the right steps on where we need to be, and things are really looking up."

While Moosman did make all of his starts at right guard, much has been made about his ability to play multiple positions along the line which has made him quite the valuable commodity. However, just as in 2008, he's penciled in for the right side.

"As of right now I'm at right guard. I can play a little center when need be and I can even go to left guard if time calls for it, but right now I'm at right guard."

One could argue that the progress of the offensive line from the Utah game to the Ohio State game in 2008 was one of the silver linings of the Maize and Blue's 2008 season. Moosman points to the cohesion they've built after a full year and a half in the system as one of the reasons the line looks to be one of the Wolverines strengths.

"That's a big part of playing offensive line. You have five guys have to all be on the exact same page. We're all kind of solidifying our roles and figuring out our assignments and once we figure out everybody's assignments all at once, we just roll. It is five guys working as one. Cohesion is exactly what we're looking for."

When you would step on the practice field last year, it wasn't hard to identify offensive line coach Greg Frey's voice above the rest of the din of practice. Known as one of the more vocal coaches on the staff, Moosman says he stills hears his coach, but admittedly not as much.

"He still likes to yell (laughing), so he'll get that in whenever he gets a chance. I'm sure he'd rather have it not be that way, like you said, to not make any mistakes, but mistakes happen every once in a while and he makes sure you know about them. But when we watch film, we're getting to the point where we can see what we're doing wrong and go about fixing it on our own. We're definitely getting to that point on the field."

One of the ways that this years line will help future generations is providing talented incoming freshman with an opportunity to sit out and redshirt a year and get comfortable with the speed and complexity of the college game.

"We have a lot of good talent coming up, and we have a lot of guys, I think eight freshman this year, either walk on or scholarship players. We have a lot of strengths coming in like (Michael) Schofield, (Taylor) Lewan and (Quinton) Washington are all really good guys and they all bring something new to the table. I'm sure they'll help and progress the right way. We'll give them a year to get bigger, stronger and faster and then see what they can do."

However, focusing on the year at hand, Moosman is more than ready to square off against Western Michigan come September 5th, 2009. While not offering any promises, he is full of confidence and excitement.

"Yeah. I am (ready for the season to start). I haven't been this excited in a while. I just want to see what we can do and show everybody what we got."

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