Complete Transcript: Greg Frey

Offensive line coach Greg Frey: how settled is the O-line starting lineup ... does the O-line feel like they have to lead the offense this year ... and much more.

Question: do your lineman feel the pressure this year, now that they're veterans on the offense?

Greg Frey: "I think they understand. There is more competition and those types of things. All those things play into it. For us, we're supposed to feel comfortable wherever, whatever situation. I think that it is just the total overall experience, understanding the calls, understanding what we want. I think we saw a lot of improvement in that."

Question: Do you think that the emergence of Mark Huyge at right tackle help (Steve) Schilling move inside?

Greg Frey: "Well Mark was a player who had very good two a days last year and he got hurt. He sprained his ankle and missed five or six weeks of the season, whether it was for practice or games. So it really was one of those things where we really didn't see how good he could be and now he is doing a great job. Patrick (Omameh) as well, all of them. We're looking to get the five best players to work together to perform on the field. That may be Schilling at left guard that might be Schilling at right tackle, I don't know. Over the next two weeks a lot of things will play out and a lot of things will answer themselves."

Question: What did Huyge elevate himself in the spring and has he solidified things this fall or is that still very much up in the air?

Greg Frey: "No. I think everything is up in the air up until the first game. Up until the last staff meeting before that game when Coach Rodriguez names the starters and that part of it. Obviously, we give our input, but right up until the first play of that game, we are going to find out who the five are out there on the field."

Question: How are the freshmen progressing?

Greg Frey: "We got a good group of young guys here. That redshirt freshman class, they're all athletic. They're all good people. They all work hard. They all give good effort. So it is just a question of getting them in there to see what they can do at this point and let them learn and be a little patient with them. Realize that they are going to go the wrong way on certain calls and miss certain things and try to correct those. As they come through, the first two weeks, I think the whole group showed the mentality that we are looking for out of offensive lineman. So now it is just a question of finding out who is going to be able to do the things that we need them to do in order for us to be successful."

Question: So Schilling on the inside is not a done deal necessarily?

Greg Frey: "I don't necessarily claim that. I just think we go forward and see where we go. There is a lot of football left to be played. Steve is the type of person that is going to do whatever it is to help Michigan to win. If we asked him to kick extra points, he'd kick extra points. As we get closer to playing time and as we sort of see what we are doing and scale things down and Coach Rodriguez and Coach Magee have a chance to really evaluate personnel, put our input into it and see what injuries are there; the offensive line is a physical position, we see how injuries play out. See who is there and who is healthy and as we get closer to that, I think it'll play itself out and it'll lead to a little more firm grasp to who the seven, eight, nine, 10 or 11 guys are that have an opportunity to contribute to us to win."

Question: As a group, how far have those guys that played last year progressed?

Greg Frey: "It's hard to judge until we play a game and it is hard to judge until you play 12 games. We know how we were last year and we will see how we are this year. It's a group effort, 100%. Like I said, guys are going to get hurt. Last year, we had some injuries. We had to move some guys around. Maybe we didn't have the preparedness that we needed to have. This year, we are going to see as we move forward, which guys are able to represent Michigan when they play at a high level and we'll know that a little bit more week to week as we go through the season."

Question: How much stock do you put into the strength gains that you hear from Coach Barwis; those sort of measurables?

Greg Frey: "I think we're blessed here. I think we have Coach Barwis and some of the best coaches in the country at what they do and that's across the board, offense, defense, strength and conditioning trainers, so I think we're blessed here. Mike does a great job and Dan Mozes has been working specifically with the O-lineman and does a great job. It's a transition now. It's taking those lifts and taking those movements and taking those things that Coach Barwis and his staff instill in them and now putting them in a zone scheme, putting them in a pass drill and then not only that but the mental toughness and their ability to continue doing their job over a little soreness, a little tiredness two weeks into camp. So that's where we are seeing that. That's where the measureables all show up and that's part of our competition. It's who has the mental stamina to themselves through another week of camp, another week of two a day, another week of heat; hopefully we get some nice hot days out there and we get to see them and see who rises from that."

Question: You see a guy like David Molk coming out of spring and get the best condition label or that kind of thing; do you always want that to be one of your guys?

Greg Frey: "Yeah. Personally, I'd like to see 105 guys close to each other on that, means we are pretty good. That is one of the things, but that's a great thing. David does a great job of working extra, attacking his weaknesses. He's a tough kid. Any time one of your guys has the opportunity to get a little bit of praise with how his attitude and how his natural ability to work off, you're happy and like to see that. I'd like to see all 15 of my guys neck and neck, and I hope Coach Barwis' job or Coach Rodriguez's job when they pick a winner that thing is as hard as it can get, because that means we're pretty good."

Question: You got a couple of quarterbacks who scramble and make some plays when things break down, does that change the way the offense line plays, knowing that they are going to keep some plays alive?

Greg Frey: "Hopefully we're doing our job and they don't have to scramble and that's the whole goal on it. Those guys, all three of them just as an outsider to the position do a great job and are wonderful. We are going to do whatever we need to do on the offensive line to help them do a good job this year."

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