RB Coach Fred Jackson on his RBs, and more

Full Transcript: The U-M running backs Coach talks about Brandon Minor, Carlos Brown, Michael Shaw and Vincent Smith ... but not before he talks about Nick Sheridan ... and he adds in Denard Robinson as well.

Question: What does Nick Sheridan bring to the offense?

Fred Jackson: "Let me tell you something, Nick is very, very intelligent. He's a guy that does everything exactly where you would like to see him do it. Who I think is probably the vocal leader. He knows how to command the players in the huddle. He commands the huddle the way he can and smart as he is. He's going to be effective in this offense just because of that. You don't have to do everything with every quarterback."

Question: Do you think it has something about being a coach's son?

Fred Jackson: "I really believe that his mental toughness is definitely a preparation that comes from a kid with a coach as a father. I feel confident, because he understands the system."

Question: Can you talk a little bit about what you've seen from Brandon (Minor) this fall, any concerns about his health?

Fred Jackson: "I really don't. You get a little nicks and bruises as running back, you're going to get them. When the time comes for him to actually go out and play, he'll be ready to play. What I like about Brandon and I've said this to a numerous amount of pro scouts (is) that if you go around and ask the team, he is one of the toughest football players on this team. He's a physical guy who loves to play the game. He has a certain spirit about him that allows him to be a very technical football player because every day he comes to work – every day he comes to work; he's going to give you everything he has."

Question: You talked about how he is such a physical player; is it possible for a running back to be too physical?

Fred Jackson: "Yes."

Question: It seems like every year he is battling something.

Fred Jackson: "Yes it is possible to be too physical, but you can't coach it out of them. He was born that way. He thinks that when a guy is in front of him and the goal line and there is no way to get to the goal line other than going through the guy instead as opposed to running around him. He feels that he can go through them and you are going to say that these linebackers are going to take that personal. Defensive tackle are going to take hat personal. They're going to be bigger and stronger than you so that they can make you pay for it. He doesn't look at it that way. It's a goal line that's a tackle, I'm going through them to score. That's why I think he is good."

Question: Can you talk about Carlos Brown a little bit.

Fred Jackson: "Carlos Brown is a different type of guy. If the defense tackle and linebacker are in his path to the goal, he is going to slice and jump cut. That's a little bit different than how Brandon would approach that same situation."

Question: Carlos has also battered injuries?

Fred Jackson: "Yeah."

Question: He maybe doesn't have the same physical style that Brandon does; is there something that he needs to do or that you've been working on with him to help him avoid?

Fred Jackson: "The first thing about Carlos is that he has great speed. There not many people faster than Carlos Brown, other than Shoelace (Denard Robinson). He's very fast. He has a tendency like a Justin Fargas; back when he was here a long time ago; he has a tendency to think that he can out run everything as opposed to cut. He's going to bounce and run, outrun the angle of the defense as opposed to see the angle of the defense and then cut underneath it. He's got to work more on his cutting ability after he sees daylight."

Question: Before Coach Rodriguez was here, you would primarily run from under center; is there a difference?

Fred Jackson: "Since I've been in both of the systems, I would guess yes and no. Yes, meaning because you're not in the I (formation) all the time you don't see the field the same. You can see the field the same from being offset, but you see it quicker from being in the I. Because your reads are different....because the reads are so similar when you're offset, as opposed to in the I, it happens quicker when you're in the offset, as opposed to the I. So it helps you offset, the fact that you don't see it as quick."

Question: Do you think running out of the shotgun, is their style better or more…?

Fred Jackson: "I don't think it is any different because one is faster, as I just explained and one is more visionary. The closer that you are up to the line of scrimmage, the quicker you see things. That's really why I told you it was a yes and no."

Question: Can you talk about Mike Shaw and Vincent Smith.

Fred Jackson: "Yes. Michael and Vincent are very similar. They are both very quick and fast. They are both slashers as opposed to power runners. They both want to make you miss by giving an up and under move as opposed to a guy that is going to run through and then make a cut."

Question: Do you have any former players that you could compare their styles to?

Fred Jackson: "Vince is closer to a Mike Hart when it comes to cutting. Shaw is probably more like a (Tim) Biakabutuka in terms of seeing something and cutting. Neither have the feet of a Biakabutuka but they are similar in those styles."

Question: What kind of playing time do you see from those guys this year?

Fred Jackson: "I told them this. I said you come to work every day, you work hard every day, I find a way to get you all on the field."

Question: Is Brandon or Carlos does have another injury plagued year, how comfortable are you with Shaw or Smith?

Fred Jackson: "Very comfortable, very comfortable, that's what I'm saying. It's not easy to name a starter because they are very close everything that they do, they just different. They are very close. No matter how I look at that, I see four guys with a lot of different abilities that can be a plus for what we trying to do offensively."

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