Gallon Is "All-In"

The pint sized slot receiver is hoping to make a big impact in his freshman year for the Wolverines. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him on Sunday's Media Day to get his initial thoughts on his first summer in Ann Arbor.

One of the first times fans of the Wolverines got a good glimpse into Jeremy Gallon in official capacity was a "Countdown To Kickoff" video that Michigan's official website has been running. It featured slot receivers and tight ends at offensive coordinator's Calvin Magee's house enjoying video games and heaping piles of food.

It wasn't a surprise, then, when Gallon made his way out of the brand new Al Glick field house when a mouthful of food, which lead an obvious first question. How was Gallon enjoying the food in Michigan?

"It's real good," Gallon said laughing between bites. "It's putting a little weight on me."

Besides the outstanding food, Gallon has fully immersed himself into getting ready for his first season dressed up in the Maize and Blue.

"It's been real good. I'm just getting along with all the players and trying to keep up with all them. I'm just trying to learn everything and getting help from them as well."

Gallon had faced some questions about academic eligibility before he got to Ann Arbor, and thus made him miss quite a bit of the summer. It's something that has come as almost a culture shock for Gallon in terms of adjusting to big time football.

"Where I'm from, it's a whole lot of smaller players. Up here's it's bigger players and a much faster tempo, so you have to get used to that."

Despite that, Gallon feels that there is a good chance that fans will see him on the field this year.

"Yeah, I'm in the mix. They've been giving me reps, so I think I'll be getting some playing time. I'm just going to give it my all, all of my 100 percent, and give it all for the team. I'm all in for Michigan."

The "All-In" theme so far for the 2009 season has been quite popular among fans, coaches, and especially players. Several have used the theme as answers to various questions posed about the upcoming season, and Gallon went a bit further in depth about what it means to himself and his teammates.

"We're all getting on the same page and working hard and doing things at 100 percent and giving our best."

Part of giving 100 percent of themselves is the mentoring and "Big Brother" program that the coaches have set up to help the young Wolverines assimilate themselves with being a part of such a big time college program. Gallon is no exception.

"Actually, (Martavious) Odoms and Vincent (Smith)(have helped Gallon along). And guys like Koger and Greg Mathews are taking me under their wing, and I appreciate it because it shows how much they care for the team."

When the first version of the roster came out, Gallon felt his jersey was a little bulky with a number in the 20's. Wolverine fans will get to know him in the number three jersey. However, Gallon had his sights set on a different number, yet couldn't quite come away with it.

"I just wanted to get a lower number, because I was five in high school."

The only problem is fellow freshman, and possible starting quarterback, Tate Forcier already owns the number.

"He got here sooner than I did. We had a little debate about it, but he ended up getting it. I would have probably won a foot race though and gotten it."

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