Vincent Smith Stays Humble

One of the three Pahokee products on the field for the Maize and Blue, freshman running back Vincent Smith touches on how he has been mentioned a lot throughout his early enrollment, his teammates, and the family atmosphere at Michigan.

Vincent Smith is ready to go. While he may be small in stature, his game speaks larger than life. One of the record number of early enrollee's for Michigan, Smith is still learning on and off the field, but it's an experience he's fully immersed himself in.

"It's going good," Smith said with a smile. "I'm still learning and still trying to help the team out as much as I can on and off the field. I'm learning the offense more and getting into detail more."

Smith's name has been brought up multiple times by coaches, insiders to the program, and fans as a name that we will hear a lot about in his first season with the Wolverines. Smith maintains it's all about the right place and right time, as well as keeping his head about him.

"Just being humble and working hard and doing what you got to do. You have to be in the right position to make plays."

Smith has also been brought up as a guy who's taken some of the summer freshman under his wing and shown them the way. While he's still just a freshman himself, he understands what his classmates are going through with a full semester under his belt.

"I went through the same things they're going through, but you just have to learn the plays to know what you have to do. You have to produce to the best of your abilities."

Producing is what Smith has been known to do, both in high school, and so far in his early practices with the Wolverines. Yet, he's still learning how to be a complete back, and it's something he's striving for.

"I'm learning more what the defense does and picking them up, and learning my responsibilities. I want to learn an edge for my skills."

Going through that process has indeed been a bit of culture shock for Smith, yet he claims to be ready for it now.

"It was a little bit at first, but I've adjusted to it now."

Part of that adjustment has come with the help of his former teammates in Pahokee, Martavious Odoms and fellow freshman Brandin Hawthorne. It's made his transition all the easier.

"Yes, it's real easy. I played with them in high school, and now we're at a big time university, so it's been real good."

Not only are his former teammates helping him throughout the process, he's also got some other new friends suiting up with him.

"My guys are William Campbell and Mike Jones. They're my buddies. Big Will is always joking, but everyone is down to earth. I got real good teammates. It's all family. We built it by training together, and working hard together and just building it up."

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