Q&A: Teric Jones

From sleeper to starter in high school, from running back to cornerback in college thus far, Teric Jones has had to work hard for everything he has gotten. He talked about moving positions and having part of his Cass Tech family in Ann Arbor with him.

So, you moved to corner, how is that adjustment going?
I'm liking it. I think it was a good decision. At first, it was more of a "for-the-team" thing, but now, I'm liking it and I think I might stay there.

You didn't even play cornerback in high school, has that made it harder?
I was always an athlete though, I could play anything. Actually in high school, I played defensive end, to running back and kick returner, everything, so it wasn't really a big adjustment. It was more mental things like staying back in coverage and staying disciplined.

Was it a tough decision, whether or not to go to cornerback? How much of it was getting on the field?
That was a big part of it, the other big part of it was, the team needed the depth there, the next part was playing time. I'm trying to get on the field and I know there is a big opportunity there.

Have you thought about going back to offense or is this it?
I'm not going to say it's it, I don't know, but I'm liking defense right now. I always try to mess with them and put it in their heads about going both ways, offense and defense. We always joke around about it, so we'll see what happens.

What about the return job, are you in on that?
I'm not deep man, but I'm on kickoff return.

What about adjusting to college as a whole, practice, working out, have you noticed a difference from high school?
Oh definitely. All I have to say is Barwis. He gets you right. It's hard work. Sometimes you want to just say throw it all in, then it just hits you like, he gets you better. You wake up after practice, look in the mirror, feeling bigger and rest up a day and tell you're getting faster. Stuff like that motivates you throughout the day.

How much has it helped having Tom and Will, guys you're familiar with, going through the same thing?
We have always been like a family since high school, so it's good to have them around for support. Sometimes you can go to them to ask them a question you can't ask another person, so it's just good to have them around. Especially since their family is around, sometimes your family might not be there, but theirs will, so a familiar face is always good.

What about Boubacar, how much has he helped you adjust to cornerback?
Oh he helps me a whole lot. Whenever I have a question, he's the first person I call. He has helped me on my technique and everything.

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