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Sam Webb was on the John Kincade show yesterday morning ... ... and TJB was on Jason Smith's show late last night - here's what was said.

Sam Webb was on the John Kincade show yesterday morning, and TJB was on the Jason Smith show late last night.

Here is picture I (TJB) painted.
From 2001-2007:
-- U-M averaged 3.5 losses a year,
-- U-M lost 6 of 7 to OSU, and
-- U-M won just 2 of 7 bowl games, both wins coming in non-BCS bowls ... the losses included going 0-3 in the Rose (incl. a blowout loss to USC in 'Jan 1 '07) and there was also a blowout loss to Tennessee in a Cap One.
-- meanwhile, word was that U-M vets were skipping the 'volunteer summer workouts' (not all vets of course, but many had what fondly came to be called 'Gabe Watson Syndrome')

Was this "it" for U-M? Was U-M a borderline-top-20 program, going 9-4 or 10-3 in a season, always losing to OSU, and content to 'show up' in BCS bowls half the time with no real chance of beating the USC's of the world; that U-M would have a 'gentleman's program' with 'voluntary workouts' while the 'serious programs', the OSUs, the USCs, the Floridas (and, yes, the LSUs) of the world would have EVERYONE turning out for summer workouts and would subsequently be playing for the NC's come New Years ...

Remember? *That is not what we all wanted, is it?*

(And, also remember, even with all-this ... the gotcha-press of SE-Mich was going after U-M for this-n-that: academics, any players who got in trouble, etc. ... but we digress here, sorry)

*With tons of super-expensive new facilities to pay for, and disgruntled fans -- the decision was made to 'go for the top' again.

Coach Rod and Barwis came in with the 'open agenda' of stepping things back up to the top-notch. Coach Rod told the press numerous times that, "Summer workout are discretionary, but so is playing time." He made no bones of this.

And so ... we have the new allegations, with the talkers being disgruntled old-guard players (and remember, TT was one of those - he got in actual reeeeal-near-fights with his asst-coach ... and, BTW, most fans are too young to remember how hated Bo was by the players when he came in ... waaaaaaaay too tough, waaaaaaay too demanding, 'out of step with the late 60'/early 70's'), and the frosh who have no idea how to figure out whether they are being worked too many hours or not (a lot of the 'time-spent' doesn't count per NCAA rules-details, etc) and were actually bragging to the press like a Marine who'd just accomplished boot-camp.

Coach Rod insists U-M has followed NCAA regs this past summer and the one before as well, and of course U-M has a big Compliance Program in place whose job it is to make sure of this as well.

**My IMO: like the A2-News academic allegations of the recent past, this is all liable to dry up and blow away, into the tumbleweeds of time.*

What we have to ask ourselves is: **Do we want U-M back on top?**

Rich Rod has 3 top young run-pass QBs now, and he's in place to make a run for the top' in '11 and '12 particularly, and maybe '10 as well.

**Isn't this what we all want?**

BTW, Jason Smith was completely onboard with this line of thinking ... he acted like he thought that HE'd have to make that case to ME.

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