Mon AM TJBlog: Team Matters!

The quarterbacks ... Brandon Minor ... winner of the coveted "SB-Award" ... and changeups over the weekend due to you-know-what ...

Team Matters:

1. Don't hold us to it ... but Tate seems to be the starter, with Denard and Sheridan both going to play as well.

2. Brandon Minor: latest thing is ankle this past weekend ... he is expected to be ready to go ... ... ...

3. The Surprise Player of Camp (winner of the coveted "SB-Award"): Troy Woolfolk. Troy has suddenly become a key-counted-on guy in this Michigan defense, a rock-solid-guy (so far I mean, in practice), along with Brandon Graham and Mike Martin, Obi Ezeh and Jonas Mouton, Warren-Cissoko, and Mr. SB himself.

4. The Freep-stuff caused some changeups over the weekend: a Sat. scrimmage and a Seniors-BBQ-with-RR were cancelled, and a team meeting was held on this. IMO if there are still disgruntled current-players around who consciously contributed to this story, that'll have to be addressed presto so the team can get re-mono-focused on the season. (And so ... the latest distraction does bleed into 'team matters' ...)

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