Versatility Will Help Roh See the Field

One of the key positions on the Michigan defense this year will be the outside linebacker spot dubbed the "quick." Among the players listed on the depth chart there is true freshman defensive end Craig Roh, who has had to learn a few new trick in order to play there.

Craig Roh was one of the top recruits Michigan brought in this year and the freshman has a good chance to see quite a bit of playing time. Lining up at the "quick" position, Roh is a rare blend of athleticism and pass rush skills, all of which add up to the ideal candidate for that spot.

"The quick can do anything," he explained, "they can drop back into pass coverage, rush the passer, they can defend against the run. It is really a position that encompasses a lot of different things."

In high school, Roh says he rarely ever was put in coverage, but so far, he has picked it up with the help of defensive coordinator Greg Robinson.

"Really, I didn't drop much at all, but Coach Robinson has made me very comfortable with dropping into coverage,"

Of course, Roh, who was a high school sack master, will still be allowed to do what he does best: go get the quarterback.

"Really, they can set it up to give certain people certain opportunities to pass rush off the edge and they're saying I can be a situational player, like a 3rd and long player."

Roh says he will rush both from a two-point and a three-point stance. Standing up and coming off the edge is also something he did not do much of in high school, but admits the adjustment in that regard, has been easy.

A little more challenging though, has been the training schedule and workouts done with strength and conditioning coach Mark Barwis.

"I mean, I've trained pretty hard my whole life, but Barwis is on a whole different level. He really encompasses everything an athlete needs, balance, power, explosiveness. He's just really a great trainer."

And on Saturday, Roh will put that to use as he takes the Big House field for the first time.

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