Full Transcript: Steve Brown at the Podium

Stevie Brown at the podium at today's presser - the complete transcript.

Question: Stevie what does Western (Michigan) in particular present as a problem in terms of stopping that offense?

Stevie Brown: "Western's quarterback (Tim Hiller) is pretty good. He's been back there all last year and they have four out of five offensive linemen returning. They only gave up 14 sacks, I think. So we are going to have to be able to get pressure on him because if he has time to sit back there in the pocket, he is going to be able to do his thing and they have good receivers out there as well. We've got to get pressure on the quarterback that's where it all starts."

Question: Openers have been a pretty troublesome the last couple of years; how important is this one?

Stevie Brown: "It's very important. We talked about this yesterday that we need to make sure that we start fast this year and we're all in there getting extra film work done. So we have that ability to…we're trying to break down everything as much as we possible can, try to get our own breakdown without the coaches breakdown of it, just like all the personal things that can help us so that you have the ability to start fast and everything."

Question: You mentioned Western's quarterback; what is it that he really does? He seems to be able to pick apart defenses.

Stevie Brown: "I think whenever I was talking to Coach Robinson, he was telling me that maybe last year 70% of his passes were within seven yards of the line of scrimmage. So if he has time to get back there, he can go through all of his progressions and then he is able to hit the check down receiver or hit the drag across the middle, just things like that. He knows where all of his options are and he knows where they are going to be and when they're going to be there. He's an experienced quarterback."

Question: A couple of you guys now have mentioned getting extra work in, you said getting film in by yourself and Moose (David Moosman) or (Mark) Ortmann was talking about the offensive linemen getting more work in; the allegations haven't changed anything what you do individually obviously?

Stevie Brown: "No not at all. We know…like everyone said up here, three and nine was not what we wanted to do, so everybody has been hungry this year. All offseason they've all been trying to get in extra work on their own. Players will call players to come watch film. I know Saturday, we had the day off, I called at 10 a.m. by a couple of players, like let's go watch film. So it was like, I met them in there and we was all watching film me."

Question: Who called you?

Stevie Brown:: "Brandon Herron called me. Jonas Mouton was in there. Donovan (Warren) was in there."

Question: How the transition to the new position been?

Stevie Brown: "It's been going well. It was a little different for me at camp having to actually hit the O-lineman and tight ends all day, every day. Thus far, it's been fine. I've been able to adjust to it very well. Coach Robinson does a good job teaching it and I think it's going to work out very well for me."

Question: Before you started camp in the summer, you were saying that you might spend a lot more time in the cold tub and be a big change; did that happen? Did you feel it with your body more?

Stevie Brown: "I definitely felt it with my body a little bit more. I'm still not a cold tub guy. That's too cold for me (laughing). I'll do extra stretching and get off my feet real early. But yeah I definitely did feel the difference this year in my body, but I'm still healthy and I'm ready to go."

Question: What is the best play you saw from the offense in camp; most explosive play; just anything that made you go wow?

Stevie Brown: "I remember one time Denard (Robinson) broke. When Denard opens up and runs there is nobody that is catching him. He hit a little seam, we lost contain on him and I think he probably hit 80 yards and it felt like five seconds."

Question: Nobody in the Big Ten is catching him?

Stevie Brown: "I can't say that. I don't really know how fast everybody is, but I doubt it."

Question: Can you talk about your old position at safety and the depth that you've seen develop behind Mike Williams and Troy Woolfolk and maybe the younger guys behind them how they've come along.

Stevie Brown: "The safety battle is real competitive. I know Mike and Troy are the standouts and they're doing their thing very well. They are learning the defense and they are playing very well and they've been playing very well through camp. Behind them, there is (Jared) Van Slyke, Vladimir (Emilien), (Jordan) Kovacs, Thomas Gordon; they've all been out there, they all been doing their thing and they're all battling. It is a good situation that they have going on right now and they are all playing very well and they are doing their thing."

Question: How much do you miss that position of safety?

Stevie Brown: "I mean, yeah I miss playing safety. Safety is what I came here to play, but at the position I'm playing right now, I'm playing well so…as long as I'm playing and playing well that's all that matters."

Question: There has been a lot for everybody on the defense to absorb with the new system; how far along do you think everybody is going into game week?

Stevie Brown: "I think we are right where we should be – right on pace. The coaches do a very good job of breaking everything down. Our defense might have a different name but their concepts of them are pretty much the same. You know if you have a hook drop on a certain play, you've got the two-three combination and things like that. You just have to know those certain things and once you master those techniques, you can put in any defense that you want to do. We're doing pretty well."

Question: What have you seen from Coach Robinson that you didn't except to see?

Stevie Brown: "I didn't know much about Coach Robinson at all and then whenever I actually sat down and they told me his credentials and actually talking to him, nothing that he does really surprises me. He's a calm coach. He's good with his words. He breaks things down. He knows how to explain things and he demands the best out of everybody all the time and he is really demanding on everybody and on everybody's position. Like, I can be sitting in a meeting room with him and he'll ask me a position about the D-line. He just wants everybody to know everything so that we can work together as a group."

Question: How fired up are you guys after last year's season; just chomping at the bit, you guys got to be excited to go, obviously you guys are going to have something to prove; is that knowing that Saturday you guys can go out there and actually start hitting somebody else?

Stevie Brown: "It's very exciting. We all know what happened last year and we don't want that to happen again. We know that everybody is picking us last for a lot of things or just not where Michigan is typically being picked to produce at. We are all ready and just anxious to get out there so that we can show that we've been working hard for these past months over the offseason. It's going to be a lot of fun this Saturday and everybody is ready to go."

Question: Is there anything you can pull from the last couple of openers as to why things went wrong?

Stevie Brown: "Naw I couldn't. I couldn't pinpoint it on anything. I just know that we are going to be getting extra work and making sure that we're ready."

Question: Is that something that will be discussed at any point; the past openers?

Stevie Brown: "What's in the past is in the past and we don't like to look behind us. We're trying to look forward."

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