Full Transcript: Moos at the Mic

Michigan offensive lineman David Moosman -- you know what he talked about ....

Question: David what do you see out of the offensive line that leads you to believe that the overall rushing attack will be stronger this year?

David Moosman: "I believe we've come a long way through our workouts during the summer together and through spring ball and spring practices, just the cohesion of the unit. We're not making the same mistakes as we were last year. We've solidified those issues and we're just working on the fine details now. The more of those we get done, the more seven yard runs will turn into longer runs and that's what we're really looking for with this offense."

Question: What percent of the players on the team have bought wholly into Rich's system?

David Moosman: "I honestly think that we are all in. I think we got 100% of the guys that are going out there every day for Michigan and not going out there for themselves. What we want is a whole team and what we need is a whole team. I know we got a lot of younger guys, but I really feel like they've come a long way in realizing what that means. You don't always know coming to Michigan and you don't always feel it at first, but I really feel like these guys have and just seeing it out of a lot of sophomores and freshmen, is really motivating."

Question: How is that different from last year?

David Moosman: "Last year was just a tumultuous time. We just I think we had a lot of guys that maybe…a lot of older guys having their own agenda is the term that has been used. I feel like we don't have any of that this year."

Question: How do you address that? As a younger guy, you obviously didn't like what their agenda was or you had different agendas; so did you comfort from about it or did you just say it would be over in a year when they leave?

David Moosman: "You can really tell looking back at it. Hindsight is 20/20. I feel like we really didn't notice it. We we're all in a whirlwind trying to win last year. You want to game plan and prepare for each week, just like this week, we got a lot of drama that we're getting past and we are looking forward to our next game."

Question: What do you think of all the drama and do you think it will affect the team at all?

David Moosman: "I don't think so. I think it is something that we've got a great program here with a lot of great people in a lot of different area and I think the University of Michigan is looking into it and they'll take care of this issue; these allegations…thankfully the players don't have to spend too much time on at all."

Question: Has anybody approached you about talking to them the University or anyone who is investigating this?

David Moosman: "Yes. Bill Martin came and talked to the team and gave his official stance. I'm sure that he'll give it to you and said at some point, most or all of the team will be talking to the compliance, so that will be taken care of."

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