Full Transcript: Obi at the Mic

Linebacker Obi Ezeh - and he actually got to talk about football!

Question: Obi, we've heard the linebacker corp as a quicker, faster group this year; has there been an emphasis in being able to move better as a group?

Obi Ezeh: "Definitely and just with the offense that we practice against every day you are going to shed some weight just running around after these guys like Denard (Robinson) and Tate (Forcier) and little Vincent Smith and Carlos Brown. You definitely want to be able to run around. Offenses these days are really kind of changing. A lot of people aren't really sticking with that power game they used to see. So you got to be able to run around and make plays from sideline to sideline."

Question: Have you dropped some weight?

Obi Ezeh: "I don't know, it doesn't look like it (laughing). Just enough so that I can run around, but I still want to be a little bit bigger just so I can kind of pack a punch."

Question: Are you guys a tighter team today than you were Friday?

Obi Ezeh: "Yeah and we were really tight coming out of training camp and I think just things like this kind of help us grow stronger and grow closer together just because like Coach Rod said, a lot of unnecessary stuff has been going on. So in order to kind of defeat that stuff, you've got to beat that stuff and be solid. We like to think of ourselves as a whole bunch of brothers and you'd do anything for your brother."

Question: What do you think when you see emotional out there; I don't know if you watched it when the coach was out there…?

Obi Ezeh: "Yeah I got to see a chance to see a little bit of it, and he addressed the team yesterday and it's tough. You feel for him just everything he's going for. He's coming in here trying to turn this boat around and with the season we had last year everybody on the team has had the mindset that we want to go above and beyond do every little extra thing to help make this team better. It's kind of weird in a sense that we're trying to do more to make ourselves better and people are saying we're doing illegal activities sort of speak."

Question: What did he say yesterday?

Obi Ezeh: "It was just a matter of sticking together and it is just something that he and the coaching staff will have to deal with, but he didn't want it to distract us from Western."

Question: Was he emotional than too?

Obi Ezeh: "Yeah." Question: Obi, I don't know if somebody asked you, but can you talk a little bit about the three quarterbacks and you've seen with them in practice?

Obi Ezeh: "Yeah definitely each of them have their own kind of special thing that they bring to the table. Obviously Nick (Sheridan) brings in the experience. He's our most experienced quarterback. I trust him under center, and I know he'll make good decisions. Tate's a guy who comes in and he's got some things that he can do too, he can throw the ball well and he can run. He's shifty in the pocket and he can buy time. Denard is Denard. He's fast. He brings that running game and he can throw the ball too."

Question: You alluded to being able to deal with all the movement because of what you see in practice every day; are there any concerns about still being able to…?

Obi Ezeh: "We'll definitely wrap those two in practice. We don't shy away from that too. It's just that when you have to deal with that type of offense every day, you get used to that kind of stuff, but we definitely have it scripted in our practice to practice against normal power stuff."

Question: We are coming off a year the year you had last year; have you noticed a significant difference in cohesion the way you guys play together this year versus last year?

Obi Ezeh: "Last year, we strived to have that cohesion and I think it was kind of hard because I think there was maybe different agendas between players on the defense, but I think this year, we've grown a lot since then. We've grown closer together as a defensive unit and with Coach Robinson who stresses just playing together as a team and everybody being in the right place at the right time. We've really stressed that along with tackling and stuff like that. We really try to work on a lot of flaws from last season and hopefully it is a lot better this year."

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