Family is helping Barr with his decision

Anthony Barr, the 6'4 225 pound running back out of Loyola high in Los Angeles, has just narrowed his top schools to five. GBW had a chance to speak with him and we discussed academics, football and Michigan.

Anthony Barr wants to try and have a decision made on his college choice by the end of the season. He has chosen good schools; recently he narrowed things down to five Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA and California.

It is quite clear that his family will assist in the biggest decision up until this point in his life.

The conversation that they have with him is not just about football.

"Me and my mom just had a conversation about it the other day," he told GoBlueWolverine. She is always talking about academics and says don't just chose a school for football".

He also hears that from others he is close to.

"My grandparents are very influential with what I do, and they have told me that football is great but I have to look past that. They would like me to be set up for life after football, and so they tell me to look at the opportunities that I would have after playing."

Michigan clearly meets the criteria to be on his list, with their solid academics and having the largest living alumni-group that certainly could assist him in life after football. He would like to study sports management.

However Anthony does understand that he is being recruited for football ... and that is another reason he is excited about Michigan.

"Michigan is a very successful school. I feel that I can fit in there -- it is something that attracts me to them. The name Michigan speaks for itself. I can see myself playing there."

Michigan has made an impression on him with how they have communicated with him.

"They have been E-mailing me. I have been at practice so I have not been able to return the calls. I like Coach Greg Robinson. I am real comfortable with our relationship."

The schools that are recruiting him like him at the running back position; but for him it he is a team player.

"I will play anywhere." And he adds, "As I look at these schools it is important to try and play right away."

The other four schools Anthony broke down for us and talked bout what he likes about them.

California: "They are a well known academic school that has caught my eye I like the running back coach, Coach Gould. I am comfortable with him."

Notre Dame: "I like the tradition there. I could fit in there. I went to a game last year, plus I have an uncle and aunt that live there.

UCLA: "This is an up and coming program. They are a young team. I play with Coach Neuheisel's son so I get a chance to see a little bit of what they do.

USC: "Powerhouse, strong, they prepare for the next level, the NFL."

Anthony says distance is not a factor: "It is time for me to be on my own," he says. He also says that his family would support anywhere he goes.

For now he is just taking it all in. "I am just enjoying the process and waiting for my season to start."

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