31-0 at the Half!

Tate Forcier throws for three opening-stanza TD as U-M breaks the Broncos. Here are the first half drives and stats.

WMU took the opening kickoff to the WMU 17.

WMU Drive one:

WMU started at their 17, and goes 3 and out.

Greg Mathews fair catched at the U-M 48.


U-M Drive One, U-M 48

After a 5 yard completion in the flat to J.R. Hemingway, Tate Forcier scrambled to the U-M 42.

Tate threw a swing pass to Carlos Brown to the WMU 29.

After a no-gain on first down, Forcier rolled out and threw it to Hemingway on the sideline, who took it in for the TD!

U-M 7, WMU 0, 10:35 1st quarter.


WMU Drive two.

WMU returned the kickoff to the WMU 33. (Mark Moundros limped off - bell rung?)

After a first down to the U-M 43, WMU's drive was stopped with a near-sack by Brandon Graham on 3rd down.

Mathews fair-catched the punt at the U-M 11 at the 8:28 mark.


U-M Drive Two, U-M 11. 8:28 1st Quarter

Despite Denard Robinson coming in for a 2nd down end around at slot (no gain), U-M went 3 and out.

Zoltan punted it 47 yards to the WMU 37 (2 yard return) at the 6:33 mark.


WMU Drive three, WMU 39

WMU went three and out.


Mathews fair-catched the punt at the U-M 16 at the 5:28 mark.

U-M Drive Three, U-M 16, 5:38

U-M had a holding penalty and went three and out.

Zoltan punted it 44 to the WMU 40, no return, at the 4:55 mark.


WMU Drive four, WMU 40, 4:55

On 3rd down, on a tipped ball, Boubacar Cissoko intercepted it back to the WMU 38 at the 4:15 mark.


U-M Drive Four, U-M 38.

After a procedure penalty, Denard Robinson dropped the snap, picked it up and took it 43 yards for the TD at the 3:57 mark.

Michigan 14, WMU 0, 3:57


WMU Drive Five

WMU returned the kickoff to their 27.

After a 2nd down Jonas Mouton/ Craig Roh tackle for loss, on 3rd down Hiller got hit by Graham as he threw, incomplete.

Mathews fair-catched the punt at the U-M 32 at the 2:16 mark.


U-M Drive Five, U-M 32, 2:16

U-M got a first down on a 2nd down, 7 yard completion to Kelvin Grady to the U-M 44.

The U-M was halted on 3 downs, but U-M put Tate back in on 4th down and went for it ...




U-M got the 4th down on a Brown run to the WMU 41.

U-M got another 1st down on a 5 yard completion to Kevin Koger at the WMU 31; another a play later on a Brown run up the middle to the U-M 20; another a play later on an end around by Kelvin Grady to the 9; and on 2nd down Tate threw the TD to Koger in the end zone at the 12:34 mark.

Michigan 21, WMU 0, 12:34


WMU Drive Six

WMU returned the kickoff to their 30.

After a fumble back to the 10, WMU went 3 and out.

Mathews returned the punt 15 to the WMU 42 at the 9:53 mark.


U-M Drive Six, WMU 42, 9:53.

On 2nd down, Denard came in, threw on the run to Savoy for 11 to the 31.

After a holding call to the WMU 36, Tate came back in, but the drive stalled at the WMU 26.

Oles kicked a 44 yard FG at the 7:34 mark.

Michigan 24, WMU 0, 7:34.


WMU Drive Seven

WMU returned the kickoff to their 26.

WMU went 3 and out.

There was a flag on the punt return, and U-M took it at their 20 at the 6:27 mark.


U-M Drive Seven, U-M 20, 6:27.

Brown ran it 11 up the middle on first down.

On the next play Mathews caught it for 11 more.

Then, on 3rd down at the U-M 39, Hemingway caught the screen for another 1st down to the WMU 48.

Then on 3rd down, Tate threw it deep for 44 yards to Hemingway for the TD at the 3:17 mark.

Michigan 31, WMO 0, 3:17.


WMU Drive Eight, 3:17

WMU started at their 20.

WMU got 4 1st downs to the U-M 18 with less than a minute to go, but Hiller was sacked by Craig Roh at the U-M U-M 27. And WMU missed the field goal.



Forcier: 8-13 for 127 yards and 3 TDs.
Robinson was 2-3 for 18 yards plus a 43 yards TD run.

Robinson rushed 5 times for 57 yards and a TD.
Brown rushed 7 times for 40 yards.
Tate rushed 9 times for 33 yards (3.7 ypc)

Hiller was 13-24 for 80 yard and an int.

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