2nd Half a Yawner, makes no diff

The only score in the second half was a pointless TD by Western Michigan. U-M had 439 yards of total offense and held WMU to 298.

U-M Drive One

U-M returned the kickoff to the 24.

U-M got a 1st down to the 37; then another on a completion to Hemingway at the WMU 49 (Hemingway limped off); another to the WMU 36; then on 4th and 1 Nick Sheridan came in and U-M got the 1st down at the WMU 25; but then Sheridan threw an interception at the 2 yard line.


WMU Drive One, WMU 2, 9:11.

WMU got a 1st down on 3rd down to the 22; another to the 33; then after a sack by Mike Martin another to the U-M 39; another to the U-M 26; but the drive stalled and WMU turned it over on downs.


U-M Drive Two, U-M 26, 1:48

Three and out.

Zoltan punted it to the WMU 36, no return.


WMU Drive Two, :47.

Hiller ran it for 11 to the WMU 48. Then a personal foul moved it to the U-M 33.




On the first play the ball slipped out of Hiller's hands and Mouton caught intercepted it at the U-M 34.


U-M Drive Three, U-M 34, 14:55

Denard Robinson back in; Denard ran for a 1st down to the WMU 48, but then the drive stalled.

Zoltan punted it to the WMU 11, returned to the 14.


WMU Drive Three, 12:41, WMU 14.

New quarterback. WMU got a 1st down on a Warren interference call to the WMU 24; then Hiller threw at long TD pass.

U-M 31, WMU 7, 10:46


U-M Drive Four

Daryl Stonum took the kickoff to the 29.

Robinson is the QB again ... and U-M goes 3 and out.

Zoltan punted it 66 yards to the end zone.


WMU Drive Four, 8:34, WMU 20.

WMU got a 1st down completion to the WMU 49; another to the U-M 40; but a fumble turned it back to U-M, recovered by Brandon Herron at the U-M 34 at the 6:57 mark. ++++++++++

U-M Drive Five, 6:57, U-M 34.

With Vincent Smith at RB, U-M got a 1st down to the 48; another to the WMU 42; another on an acrobatic catch by Kevin Koger at the WMU 22; another on the ground to the 11; Cone came in and the drive stalled.



U-M had 197 yards passing, 242 rushing, 439 total.
WMU had 298 yards total.

Tate was 13-20 for 179 yards and 3 TDs.
Junior Hemingway had 5 receptions for 103 yards and 2 TDs.
Denard Robinson had 11 carries for 74 yards and a TD.
Carlos Brown had 10 carries for 54 yards.

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