More On A New Assistant, and the Draft

Former Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet comments further on a replacement for defensive line coach Brady Hoke (named Head Coach at Ball State). And he comments on Michigan NFL Draft prospects as well.

Regarding a new Michigan Assistant Coach.

"It is assumed that because defensive line coach Brady Hoke was the coach who left (taking the head job at Ball State) that Michigan's new coach will be a defensive coach. And I agree with that."

"The last time we talked about this I'd mentioned Corwin Brown (former Wolverine and NFL defensive back now an assistant coach at Virginia; he was Ryan Mundy's Virginia recruiter this year) and Doug Mallory (former Wolverine DB now an assistant at Oklahoma State), along with Jim Boccher (who coaches Michigan special teams as grad assistant this past seasons). Since then I've talked to Corwin and he has not been contacted -- although he still could be of course. Mallory is still a possibility, although do you realize that the Big 12 pays much better (50% better or more) than the Big Ten? Boccher has been named by Hoke as defensive coordinator at Ball State, but I'd think he could still be a possibility."

Are there any new names to throw into the mix?

"Yes. A few. John Milligan (former Wolverine linebacker) has contacted Michigan I believe. He's coaching at Central Michigan right now under Mike Debord."

"Also, Jimmy Williams, who's coaching right now at Toledo. He graduated from Nebraska in the early 80's, remember, and played linebacker for the Detroit Lions for about ten years. Since then he's coached at Pontiac Northern and Grand Valley State, and now Toledo."

"And, don't rule out Woody Wiedenhofer. He's Coach Carr's old friend who has coached for the Steelers and was head coach for a a few years at Vanderbilt; he's now at Southeast Louisiana where they are starting football for the first time this coming fall."

"I would guess that Coach Carr will name a coach pretty quickly after Signing Day."

"By the way, regarding Michigan players and the upcoming NFL Draft. I think Bennie Joppru is Michigan's best prospect, and will go in the second or third round (Justin Van Fulpen thought round 3-4). And fourth or fifth round is about right for B.J Askew -- his broken hand may hurt him as far as the NFL Combine goes. I think Victor Hobson will be the 2nd Michigan player taken, in the third round."

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