Michigan Visit Opens Tanner's Eyes

Columbus Eastmoor safety Ron Tanner was one of a number of prospects in Ann Arbor last weekend for Michigan's 31-7 victory over Western Michigan. It proved to be an eye-opening experience for one of Ohio's top juniors… and a youngster that grew up with an allegiance to the Scarlet & Gray.

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"Growing up I was a big time fan of the Bucks, but after experiencing the game this past weekend, I really like Michigan," Tanner said.

The feeling on the part of the Wolverines is clearly mutual based on the scholarship offer they extended last week.  They, however, are not alone in their courtship of the Buckeye State star.

"I've received offers so far from West Virginia, Pitt and Michigan.  I'm hearing a lot from the (Ohio State) Buckeyes, but no official offers.  I heard a little bit from Michigan State, and a lot of letters type things from Northwestern and Wisconsin.  I just received something from Notre Dame.  Lately Oregon has been sending me a lot of things.  LSU the past few weeks, I've received multiple letters.  Georgia also."

That pronounced attention from college programs comes on the heels of a sophomore campaign during which Tanner helped lead his team to the state title game.

"I played free safety throughout the whole year," he stated.  "I ended up recording 102 tackles and I want to say five interceptions.  It was real good.  I was kind of the vocal leader on defense and did the audibles according to the offense formation and stuff.  Then we went to the state championship and that was a good experience… just the atmosphere and playing in front of all the fans.  Last year was real good.  We had a senior core on defense for the most part beside me really.  This year; we got kind of new faces on defense."

"This year I'm playing quarterback and free safety," Tanner continued.  "I'm 6'1", 190 and my 40 is a 4.5.  On the defensive side of the ball you'll see I'm a hard hitter, and going both ways you'll see that I'm the leader of my team – vocally and through my play."

In the coming weeks both fans and pundits alike will see Tanner's scholarship tally grow.  Michigan made up considerable ground in the youngster's recruitment by being among the first to do so.

"They sent me some mail inviting me to the game actually, then they also had called my coach," he said. "We figured that we would go up there.  It was Friday night before the game that's when I received the letter in the mail letting me know about my offer. I was hyped up when I got it.  It was real exciting.  Then we went to the game and it was real nice.  I like how you can see everything when you're on the field.  When you look around everyone seems like they are closer to the field.  At the Horseshoe, the fans are sitting up real high.  In the Big House, it was like the fans may be a little closer.  It doesn't seem like people all the way up into the sky. I got to talk to a few coaches but not many players.  I plan on getting back up there, maybe like on a non game day so I can kind of be more vocal with the players and the coaches and everything.  See a little bit more of the facilities."

"Honestly, I'm kind of juggling (who the leader is) right now," he later added.  "At first it was Ohio State, just easily, but now it is kind of toss-up.  I like Michigan.  So I'm kind of tossing up with Michigan now.  Ohio State and Michigan and West Virginia also."

But what will happen if/when the Buckeyes come through with an offer.  Will this lifelong Ohio State simply move his childhood favorite back top of the list or maybe even commit?

 "I want to weigh out my options first before I just jump on offers, Tanner replied.  "I was going to wait until the last minute (to make a decision), but now that I'm getting more close to it, I want to make it before I get to my senior year so I don't have to worry about all the little busy work and the extra things that may need to be done.  I can just already be focused and know where I'm going.  I kind of want to make a decision my junior year, but it all depends on how I'm feeling with different schools and if I get to see all the schools.  It's a timing type thing."

The next few months will consist of Tanner hitting the road for a number a visits.  While on each trip there will be three pieces of criteria that he will be looking for.

"I'll go to an Ohio State game, then I also plan on going to West Virginia and also Pitt," he reported.  "I wanted to go check out Northwestern football and see what it is like.   How is their education?  I just would like to see their football atmosphere.  I wanted to check out Georgia also.  I wanted to get out to Oregon, but it's far, so I got to see how that works out."

The main factors in my decision will be academics, playing time, and coaching.  As long as I'm getting a good coach, I'm getting better as a player."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Tanner in the coming months.

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