Michigan Back on King's Radar

Earlier in the recruiting year Michigan was a consistent presence on the list of one of the top defensive ends in the country, Greensboro (NC) Northern Guilford high standout Gabe King. Over the summer, though, the Wolverines faded from contention. Thanks to a burst of sudden attention in recent days things have once again changed.

As one of the most heavily recruited players in the country, Greensboro (NC) Northern Guilford high Gabe King is accustomed to the attention from college recruiters.  That said, even he has been surprised by the deluge of contact in recent weeks. 

"I've gained a lot more offers," King reported.  "I'm sitting at like 45 right now.  Cal is still at the top of my list followed by Oregon and Alabama.  Recruiting is starting to pick up pretty well right now… really heavy… a call every day.  I get a call from a different college every day since they only get one call a week."
Despite his very firm list of favorites, King insists his commitment to one of the aforementioned top three is not a foregone conclusion.

"I'm still open to hearing from other schools," he reported.  "The top three are just the schools that have shown me the most love… that have been consistent with me through my ups and downs. I really don't know what I want to do (laughing)."

One of the schools looking to take advantage of King's openness is the University of Michigan.  The Wolverines had been among his heaviest chief earlier in the process, but interaction between the two parties waned during the summer months.  Now things are heating up again.

"I get a lot of love (from Michigan) now," King said.  "I talked to Coach Gibson (Tuesday).  Interest has definitely picked up again.  He never said anything about the absence that we've had.  He just picked up where we left off at.  He asked if I still had interest in Michigan.  I told him the truth… I still have interest.  Then we talked about the possibility of me making an official visit.  I believe we are going to plan something so I can get up there to see the program because I haven't been that far up north to see a school."

The obvious question for many recruiting observers will be how was Michigan able to get back in the mix so suddenly?  Could it be because of Michigan's reputation as an elite academic institution?

"It's because it's Michigan," King replied.  "I really don't even know anything about the academics (laughing).  I really don't.  I'm not going to lie to you.  It's Michigan football.  That's big time, Big House football.  You can't count them out."

Now comes the part of the recruiting story where all of King's suitors jockey for position on his official visit schedule.  At this point Scout.com's #35 DE has a pretty good idea of what his destinations will be.

"Most certainly my top three (will receive visits)… Cal, Oregon, and Alabama," said King regarding which programs in addition to Michigan were likely to receive officials. "Probably Tennessee (also).  That's five.  I would want more, but that's five."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on King in the coming weeks.

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