Aramide Olanyian talks re upcoming U-M Visit

The Duke soft-commit linebacker from Woodberry Forest, VA's, #137 prospect, tells GBW that he is visiting for the ND Game.

Sam Webb: Is your trip to Michigan this weekend still a go?

Aramide Olaniyan: "I can't wait. Michigan/Notre Dame… it really doesn't get much better than that. I'm pumped up for the trip."

Sam Webb: You've made it really clear that academics will play a major role in your final decision. Is that one of the reasons that Michigan is on your list?

Aramide Olaniyan: "Without a doubt. I didn't even look at the football at any of the schools until I considered them academically, so that's definitely why Michigan is on my list. It's a great school and I've heard nothing but great things about them academically."

Sam Webb: How did you first begin to hear about Michigan?

Aramide Olaniyan: "Coach Dews. One weekend I talked with Coach Dews and Coach Rodriguez and that's when they offered me the scholarship. They really started to tell me about Michigan and old me to research it on the internet. That's when I came to know that they were one of the best schools in the country. In political science they are top 10 in the field. That's how I started to become really interested in Michigan."

Sam Webb: What are your impressions of the Michigan coaches thus far?

Aramide Olaniyan: "They're great. I've had a great time speaking with Coach Dews. I spoke to Coach Rodriguez on the phone and he definitely sounds like somebody that knows what he wants and he is also a great guy to talk to. They've been great. Hopefully I'll have a chance to meet more of the coaches this weekend. "

Sam Webb: Which of the other schools that you're interested in have you also taken visits to?

Aramide Olaniyan: "I've been to bunch. I went to Rutgers, Duke, North Carolina, the University of Virginia, Maryland, Boston College, I've been to Notre Dame, I'm making it out to UCLA, and I think there are a couple of other schools I'll visit also."

Sam Webb: Were all of those unofficial visits during the offseason, or have you attended games at some of those places?

Aramide Olaniyan: "I went to a couple of games my junior year. The University of Virginia is right around the corner, so I went to a lot of their games. I went to a game at Maryland, North Carolina, I went to a game at Wake Forest when they played Ole Miss, and I also went to a Notre Dame/ UCONN game for basketball. So I've been all over the place during this recruiting process."

Sam Webb: Since you've been to so many places and seen so much of what schools have to offer, what are some of the things you that you'll be keeping an eye out for at Michigan?

Aramide Olaniyan: "I think Michigan is a great school. I still want to kind of talk to them about how they handle their athletes academically… just of the academics support, summer school, and things like that. I know the atmosphere is going to be great. I just want to see how the guys on the team act and see if I fit in with them. Those are the kinds of things I look for when I go on a visit."

Sam Webb: Are your parents making this visit with you or are you coming by yourself? A

Aramide Olaniyan: "They won't be there this time, but I'll be back in the winter so they'll be making the trip with me then."

Sam Webb: So you plan to take an official visit to Michigan in the winter?

Aramide Olaniyan: "Yes."

Sam Webb: Where else are you going on officials to?

Aramide Olaniyan: "I have a teammate committed to Wake right now, but I'm not sure if I'll go there. Officially I'll be going to Michigan, UCLA, Duke, and North Carolina."

Sam Webb: As far as timeline goes, when are you going to finalize your decision one way or the other…whether it's staying with Duke or going to another school?

Aramide Olaniyan: "To tell the truth, once I take those visits it probably won't take long for me to kind of finalize everything and announce where I'll be going."

Sam Webb: So you plan on getting all of your official visits out of the way after your season is over?

Aramide Olaniyan: "Yes. The only one I will be taking in the fall will be to UCLA, which will be November 21st."

Sam Webb: You were down at the Under Armour Gridiron Kings event a few months back. How did that go for you?

Aramide Olaniyan: "That was a great experience. I had a chance to meet with Austin White. He is a great guy. Dior Mathis is also looking at Michigan. Those are two good guys. I stay in contact with Austin to this day. He's definitely been talking about Michigan and how great it is. I think he'll be at the game this week. I'll meet up with him then and I'm sure we'll talk some more."

Sam Webb: When you sit down to make your final decision, what are going to be the factors that solidify one school as your choice over all of the others?

Aramide Olaniyan: : "Academics will definitely come first. I think I've made that clear with all of the schools that I've been looking at. Definitely the coaches, the atmosphere, and the way the guys on the team act… that's probably what I'll take into consideration the most."

Sam Webb: What about distance from home?

Aramide Olaniyan: "My parents came over here in 1980 from Africa, so they're behind me going to different places. I don't think that they'll be too worried about me going to California or Michigan, or even staying closer to home and going to North Carolina. They've given me their blessing to go away from home. "

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