"Longest they've ever stayed for a visit&quot

Saginaw's Super linebacker Lamarr Woodley is out for the day, so we called and had a long talk this (Saturday) morning with Lamarr's mother about Friday's 'in-school' visit with the Michigan coaches.

Head Coach Lloyd Carr and Assistant Coach Fred Jackson made their 'in-home' visit yesterday (Friday) with All-American linebacker Lamarr Woodley (Dec. 6 official visit, MSU Nike stats: 6-1 1/2, 250 lbs., 4.0 in the shuttle; 4.72 in the 40, 4.0 in the shuttle, 29-inch vertical jump, 315-lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/16 ACT) from Saginaw, Mich., The Insiders' #2 prospect. The visit was actually done at Saginaw High School. We just got off the phone from a long talk with Lamarr's mother. Here are some of the things she said.

"Lamarr is reffing kids' basketball this morning, which starts at 8 AM. So he was out the door early for the day today."

"The whole visit yesterday was done at the school (Saginaw High School). Coach Carr and Coach Jackson got to the school by 10 in the morning. I got there a little after noon because I had class. They stayed around all the way through the day, and went to Lamarr's basketball game last night. They told me the visit lasted 13 hours, and they said it's the longest they have ever stayed for a visit like that."

"We talked about Michigan of course. It was a nice visit, a good time. I'm comfortable with Coach Carr and Coach Jackson, I enjoy them."

"We all sat together at the basketball game, Lamarr's father too. The coaches had not met him before -- they know me real well by now of course. After the game we went back to a private office at the school and talked some more."

"I'll be glad when all this is over, but it's not much longer now. I do not know where Lamarr is going. He's listening to what people are saying, but he keeps his thoughts to himself. But I think he knows where he's going ... I think he's been knowing for a while now."

"Whatever decision he makes I'm behind it. But myself, I like Michigan. I like the program, I like the way the people are there. I like how they are academic-wise, they show interest, and they keep the parents involved. They show care for their kids, on and off the field. Thats what I like. They say that no matter what that they want Lamarr to get that degree, so he has two things going for him, not just football."

"As far as Michigan State getting back in it. I worry about what's been going on up there. We went on visit to MSU a couple weeks back. It was all right, but that is not one of my favorite places right now. The coaches don't know the kids, and they don't know the coaches ... it has to build itself back up there. My nephew (Jeremiah McCluaren) was ready to leave State. I guess Jeremiah is staying now, they've told him he'd start this year. We'll see ... but that was a promise they made him."

"USC? Well, Lamarr doesn't know anybody out there. And I haven't ever flown before. It's so far, and I'd have to pay for it somehow. I'm in school myself now (she has one year to go for her phys. ed. degree at Saginaw Valley State)."

"Jerome (Jackson) liked the visit yesterday too, and his dad liked it. Lamarr and Jerome, and Demarcus too (Demarcus Laury, Lamarr's cousin who is a junior RB at Saginaw and a top 10 instate junior), they have been close ever since middle school. I think they'd like to stay together."

"But like I say, Lamarr listens, but he has his own mind and hasn't told anyone where he's going. But we'll all know in two weeks, won't we."

"One more thing. I'd like to get one of your Signing Day Magazines. As you know, I'm keeping a scrapbook and have collected everything you and others have written about Lamarr so far. So please make sure I can get one."

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