Rod Smith kids re TF: "Pretty good coaching!"

Michigan quarterbacks coach Rod Smith talks with GBW about Tate Forcier's performance.

GBW Question: The play of Tate Forcier -- do you believe that is a freshman quarterback that you out there?

Rod Smith: "That's what they tell me. They tell me."

Question: The second half that interception that he threw; what did you say to him to keep him composed and be able to go out there on the final series, or did he do it himself?

Rod Smith: "I didn't say a whole lot to him about his composure. He was already composed. He's kind of like a baseball hitter. You strike out. You have that memory lapse where you don't even think about it. You just go up and do it again. He was composed. He was fine. He knew…we had a good call, we just had miscommunication between him and wide receiver and I told him those, we called it four more times the next series and we hit it every time. He was fine."

Question: You guys talked last week about second half continuity and rhythm. You come out in the third quarter and march down the field consistently, looks like the work in practice paid off.

Rod Smith: "Me and coach, I don't know if we got in a great rhythm the first half, particularly the second quarter; we was three and out. We was this and that. We really never got in a great rhythm and that's something that we stressed at halftime was that we got to get back to the game plan, get back to what we thought about. Let's run this football with Brandon (Minor) and Carlos (Brown) and let's just get a rhythm and let everything play off that."

Question: The decision making that Tate exhibits as young player only two games into his career; have you ever seen anything like it?

Rod Smith: "Pretty good coaching isn't it (laughter). He's pretty good. I told these guys, Shoelace (Denard Robinson) is good too. Nick (Sheridan) did a good job. We got three guys that we think that we can win with. I mean that. He's done a good job with decision making so far and I'm pleased with him so far."

Question: How much of a lift was it to have Brandon Minor back in the lineup, not only for his running but for his blocking?

Rod Smith: "Huge, huge. I think he's the difference personally. Those strong runs that he made in the third quarter and a little bit in the first quarter, that's a horse – that's a workhorse. We got to let that workhorse work once in a while and we did. We made a point of it and he did a great job."

Question: The second to last series, its fourth down, is there any consideration of going for it or was it punt all the way?

Rod Smith: "We thought about it, but Rich wanted to go ahead and punt it. We had three time outs and try to use our time outs and have a little faith in our defense that we would stop them. I'm just glad Charlie (Weis) decided to throw it two times (laughter)."

Question: Locker room, take me into the locker room, what was it like; players was saying that coach took his shirt off in the locker room?

Rod Smith: "I didn't see that. I got caught in the masses."

Question: You weren't the coach that took his shirt off?

Rod Smith: "No it wasn't me. That wouldn't be very good (laughing)."

Question: I know you guys, it's a marathon, not a sprint, all the clichés, one game at a time, but this game national television, top 25 team; how big is this?

Rod Smith: "It's huge. It's huge for our program. It's huge for them players in the locker room because of all the adversity that we faced last year, because of all the hard work that they put in is starting to pay off and they see it and they feel it. There is an excitement in the air right now amongst our guys. It looks like it from our fans too by the way this crowd was today. It's huge. That's a rival, national TV. We're trying to get a little respect back. We did it to ourselves, but we got to dig ourselves out of the hole."

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