Two Officials Set for Zeigler

Mt. Pleasant SG Trey Zeigler was one of a plethora of recruits in Ann Arbor Saturday for Michigan's thrilling 38-34 victory over Notre Dame. After returning home the four-star prospect chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his experience at the Big House, his decision timetable, his visit schedule, and more.

Sam Webb:  So what did you think of the atmosphere (Saturday)?

Trey Zeigler:  "That was crazy!  I'm glad I came.  At first, I almost missed it.  Actually I missed the tailgate and I actually walked in, as I was getting on the field it was almost kickoff.  I'm glad I made it.  I've never seen nothing like that.  It actually seemed a lot louder yesterday.  I don't know if it was because it was Notre Dame but it definitely was louder than it has been in there."

Sam Webb:  Who did you come with?

Trey Zeigler:  "My cousin.  He's actually going to school with me this year.  Just me and him actually."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to spend any real quality time with Coach Beilein or Coach Jackson while you where there?

Trey Zeigler:  "I sat down after the game, we went back to the locker room and that is where Coach Beilein and Coach Jackson.  Coach Beilein was at my open gym (Sunday night).  He came by the open gym."

Sam Webb:  What he is saying to you at this point? 

Trey Zeigler:  "All the same things.  I've been fortunate enough that a lot of schools that were recruiting me when I announced I was going to make my decision in spring, most of the schools that are recruiting me at this point… they're just saying, ‘we're going to wait on what you're going to do.'  They've got to do what's best for them.  They can't wait too long.  There are some places that they are going to have to take (other players), but other than that they are treating the situation the same."

Sam Webb:  Do you think Michigan is one of those schools? Do you think Casey Prather is one of those other players?

Trey Zeigler:  "Well, Coach Jackson told me that regardless if they got Casey or not, there could be an opportunity with a scholarship (after that) if Manny goes pro.  Other than that, we haven't really talked about it a lot.  Me and Casey sat together at the game.  Mostly when they came up to us during the game it was always saying that they wanted both of us." 

Sam Webb:  Okay, lets talk visits.  Weren't schools doing in homes with you last week?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah Michigan State came up the first day during school and then Providence later on that day and then UCLA came on Friday."

Sam Webb:  They come to your house or they just come to your school?

Trey Zeigler:  "Michigan State came to the school.  Providence came up to my dad's office and UCLA was at my house on Friday."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Beilein when is he saying he's going to come by?

Trey Zeigler:  "He hasn't really said yet.  I'm not sure when we are going to actually do a home visit for Michigan."

Sam Webb:  As far as you visiting schools goes… I know you've been to Michigan and you've been to Michigan State… are you going to do anything else this fall?  Are you going to be going to any other schools this fall?

Trey Zeigler:  "At first, I wasn't going to go anywhere but then a few schools stepped up and said they wanted me to come early and visit during football season and that was Oklahoma, Oklahoma this upcoming weekend.  I don't have any other dates set really, officials and stuff.  I know Michigan is talking about the 24th when Evan (Smotrycz) comes in.  That is the only other date that I even have right now."

Sam Webb:  So Michigan the 24th, Oklahoma this coming weekend and those are both officials?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yep."

Sam Webb:  Who does Oklahoma play this weekend?  

Trey Zeigler:  "I'm not even sure.  I've been trying to find out.  I'm not even sure, but I know it's Oklahoma so it is probably going to be exciting."

Sam Webb:  Do you think the vibe at that game will stack up to what you just saw?

Trey Zeigler:  "That's going to be hard."

Sam Webb:  So have you settled on a top list of schools at this point?

Trey Zeigler:  "Naw, I just decided to keep it open since I'm waiting until the spring.  I'm just going to keep it open."

Sam Webb:  Who's hitting you the hardest right now?

Trey Zeigler:  "I think they are pretty much the same right now.  I'm talking mostly the same schools every week.  Right now UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, Arizona State, LSU and Providence, those are the schools that I've been talking to every week."

Sam Webb:  With everybody coming at you with the same intensity, what are going to be the things that break one program apart from all the rest?

Trey Zeigler:  "In the end just the right situation for me with what I feel comfortable with, what's the best fit, what I think, what is the best situation that I can accept."

Sam Webb:  So you said the spring around March/April... that is definitely the time when you're going to make your choice?

Trey Zeigler:  "Definitely, definitely.  That's definitely when I'm going to get it done."

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