Forcier Remains Unfazed by Pressure

Michigan freshman QB Tate Forcier reflects on his squad's "unbeleiveable" 38-34 victory over Notre Dame. The Wolverines' signal caller met with the media yesterday to discuss why he has seemed so oblivious to the pressure that comes with his position, his relationship with Denard Robinson, the improvements he must make in his game, and much much more.

Question:  What has the last 48 hours been like for you; you probably heard from a lot of people, pretty exciting I assume?

Tate Forcier:  "It's been pretty wild.  A little sore, but we had a good win, but it is something that we have to put behind us and move on to the next week."

Question:  Do you know Matt Barkley at all?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah I do actually."

Question:  How well?

Tate Forcier:  "Not too well.  Just kind of hanging with him at camps, talking to him.  I heard he played pretty well.  It's kind of hard (to say) who I wanted to win because I don't like neither USC or Ohio State.  I still find myself watching the game."

Question:  Can you talk about the post game handshake with Jimmy Clausen; what it meant to you that he waited for your interview to finish to congratulate you?

Tate Forcier:  "That was pretty cool.  I was happy.  It's something that he came up to me and said he wished it ended up different for him.  He said that he was real shocked about how well we did against their defense.  He's happy for me, and just told me to say hello to the family, which I did.  Hopefully they keep winning next week, because they win it will make us look even better for beating them."

Question:  Go back to Barkley for a minute, I know you guys know the Clausen, you  mentioned to me before; did you play against him (Barkley) and what does it mean to have these two freshman quarterbacks from California…?

Tate Forcier:  "I never played against him, but I always saw him at camps.  We were always competing at camps.  Beside that that's about it.  I was from San Diego and he was LA, so our teams never got to play each other.  So he was on a pretty good team."

Question:  You have a lot of people coming into the season that said this team needs to make it to .500, get to the bowl; you guys thought differently, do you think a lot of people are thinking differently now?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  Everybody said that Notre Dame was supposed to be a BCS team and now they're not ranked.  I'm happy with the win.  I think it is just something that we have to push forward on.  I think our guys are doing a great job of working right now."

Question:  What is your reaction to you guys being ranked for the first time in a couple years?

Tate Forcier:  "I actually just found out yesterday and I was pretty happy.  We move up in the rankings.  We're at the very last spot that you could possibly be at.  Like I said, it is just something that we got to keep working on and keep pushing forward.  Hopefully we can keep moving up higher in the rankings."

Question:  You guys scored 38 points but Coach Rod said there were a lot of things that you guys didn't do right; what could possibly have gone better on Saturday?

Tate Forcier:  "Just a lot of mistakes, my interception, some fumbles, some key things.  Fumbling the ball on the two yard line stuff like that, missing the field goal.  A lot of things, they made a lot of mistakes too, but that is something that we have to work on and capitalize on that next week and make sure that we are not making those mistakes through the weeks."

Question:  What was your first thought when the ball got dropped in the end zone?

Tate Forcier:  "I was like dang.  I looked up at the clock and I knew we had one more play left.  When they gave me the play, I thought it was the perfect play call, the coverage they were in and everything, it couldn't have been any better.  Greg (Mathews) made one heck of a catch."

Question:  Is that a read in or out?

Tate Forcier:  "No it is a designed route.  He's supposed to do a little slant and out and we saw the corner playing inside leverage taking the slant away and that's what we wanted.  Like I said, that's why it couldn't have been a better defense."

Question:  You said in the first game, they scripted a lot of what you had at the beginning, did you have a little more freedom to choose this week or is still pretty rigid?

Tate Forcier:  "Really, I'm going to check with the coaches pretty much on almost every play because I want to be sure.  That's why they're the coaches.  We're going to have a script almost every week, I don't think that is going to change."

Question:  On the touchdown run, when you see the defense do you have a pretty good idea of what you're going to do with the ball even before you get it?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  Really I knew I had two options. I was either going to go to my slot or take off.  We didn't get the end blocked and he actually beat me to the edge and I was like I'm not going to get outside of him, so I got to just cut it up and right when I cut it up, I didn't see anybody and right away I just knew that I should be good."

Question:  Just back to the touchdown pass for a second.  I'm just curious how it works going through your mind.  When do you exactly identify the cornerback as being shading inside toward the…?

Tate Forcier:  "It's just a presnap read.  Just when I walked up to the line, I was looking at the defense and looking where my best matchup was and the other corners were kind of head up with their receivers and I saw that one corner on Greg playing inside leverage, so I was like, that's what we want.  He ran a good route and made the play."

Question:  Walk up and study the field, look at all the corners and then…?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah exactly."

Question:  What is your relationship like with Denard (Robinson) and how do you guys feel like when he comes in for a play and you go out, is there any animosity or any…?

Tate Forcier:  "No.  I'm almost expecting a big play every time he goes in.  It's good to give me a break here and there and throw the defense off with a faster quarterback, but hopefully we use him a lot more this week.  Like Coach Rod said, we were in such a rhythm last week that he didn't want to mess that up and I'm sure that he'll be playing a lot more this week."

Question:  Aiming for Zoltan's (Mesko) job too?

Tate Forcier:  "Oh god.  I might have gotten lucky on that one point.  It's better to be lucky than good."

Question:  Did you punt in high school a little bit?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah I did."

Question:  What happened on the interception; what mistake did you make looking back?

Tate Forcier:  "I don't want to put it on Greg because I could have thrown a better ball, but he was just doing what he was taught to do.  He was reading the safeties, as he was running the routes and it was just kind of a miscommunication.  I expected him to keep running on the route and I threw it to where I thought he was going to be.  I ended up throwing to the wrong team, but we made up for it and so did he."

Question:  A couple of plays before that you threw the ball as you were kind of being dragged down a little bit.  Did you see an open receiver or where you trying to throw it away there?

Tate Forcier:  "No I saw Greg.  I was trying to throw it to him, but it was just the way I was being tackled and I couldn't get it to him."

Question:  Do you thrive on the big stage kind of feel of a game?

Tate Forcier:  "I'm one of those people who when I know I'm doing well, I know I'm going to keep doing better.  That's kind of the confidence I've always had.  The more my coaches keep saying, keep balling, keeping playing, keep doing what you're doing, it is going to keep telling me that I can't be stopped, keep playing."

Question:  Is it a different feeling after this game after any high school or something?

Tate Forcier:  "Oh god.  It's unbelievable.  I couldn't picture it any better.  It went exactly the way.  Just beating Notre Dame is great, but beating them the way we did made it even better."

Question:  Are you a visualization person, do you think about things before the game, the night before you kind of picture…?

Tate Forcier:  "The night before, I'm relaxed.  I don't want to think about the game.  I'll think about the game on game day.  Like Coach Rod said, he's never seen anyone more relaxed before a game.  That's just kind of the way I prepare myself."

Question:  What was it like to get Brandon Minor back and did you see on film the block that he had on the play?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah on that last play.  Yeah, it is such a great addition.  He's probably our best blocking back and almost every time he had the ball he made a big play.  I'm happy.  Like I said, I'm happy that he is back."

Question:  Being relaxed should not be confused with not being intense, right?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  I'm always going to have the same intensity for every play but I'm going to say relaxed.  I mess up, I'll move on to the next play, it's no big deal."

Question:  You said you grew up Michigan fan; Michigan has historically had the big strong prostyle quarterback, was there ever a time that you were worried that you wouldn't end up here because of that?

Tate Forcier:  "I wasn't going to look at Michigan until they got the new staff.  When they brought in Coach Rod's staff, I was like that's all me.  I know I don't have the strongest arm.  I'm not the biggest kid, but I fit the system.  As long as I fit their system, I'm happy with it."

Question:  The deep ball would you say that is one thing that you strive to improve on in that area of the game?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  I think it is more of, just kind of getting in a rhythm with the receivers.  It is just something that I got to work on because all of our receivers have different speeds.  Like I said, it is just something that you got to work on.  You know never because a lot of our routes are reads by the receiver.  You got to read it just like they do.  Sometimes it is just kind of a miscommunication thing and sometime they'll pull it up and sometimes they'll keep it going."

Question:  Talk about the third down throw to (Martavious) Odoms and the catch that he made.  What you saw and now that you had a chance to review how big of a catch that was for you guys.

Tate Forcier:  "It was big.  He made a big play.  All I did, I got him the ball and let him do the rest.  Like I said, he made the catch and we got the first down and we just kept it going."

Question:  You said the other night after the game about how ESPN talking about he is a freshman and Michigan could be patient; how much of that did you really…did you hear that from other sources?

Tate Forcier:  "I heard that from everybody – from everybody.  That's more of a motivation thing.  It just pushes me and made me what to prove everybody else wrong.  Right now, we're doing good, but we got to keep pushing and keep showing them that this is a team this year."

Question:  Have you talked to your brother Jason (Forcier) and what was his reaction to the victory over Notre Dame?

Tate Forcier:  "I actually heard my whole family was crying.  That's kind of hard to believe that my brothers were.  I'm happy that he's happy for me.  I wish he could have been here playing with me, but him being out there in the stands means just as much."

Question:  Is he still living with you?

Tate Forcier:  "Yeah.  He was in my room."

Question:  Is he your chauffeur too?

Tate Forcier:  "Here and there.  He gets me around.  It's nice for him to have a car, because I don't have a car, so he gets me around."

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