Christian's Top Five in Flux

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Penn Hills (PA) CB Cullen Christian last night and got the latest on his visit plans, his favorites, his decision timetable, and more.

Sam Webb:  How is your season going?  Do you know what your stats are so far?

Cullen Christian:  "We lost the second game too.  I messed up my ankle a little bit and I couldn't play in the game.  I got messed up pregame man… before the game.  I twisted my ankle before the game.  I had to sit out.  My stats – I've only played one game.  I had like 10 tackles the first game, an interception and I had like eight catches for 30 yards."

Sam Webb:  You said you got hurt during pregame?

Cullen Christian:  "Pregame man.  We was doing routes, I caught a ball, and got stuck in the turf.  I tried to turn around and it just… I got in the first series and I find myself trying to hop to go make a tackle.  Then I went out as a wide receiver and I couldn't run the route.  So I just came out and just tried to re-tape up and everything and get it together.  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't put a lot of weight on it.  It's a lot better.  If I really wanted to I could probably go out and play Friday, but it is not a good team, not even worth it.  So I'm going to sit out and come back against a good team next week."

Sam Webb:  I've been hearing that you were about to make the move from safety back to corner.  Is that true?

Cullen Christian:  "Yesterday, our coaches was telling us that they are going to move me back to corner and Brandon (Ifill) to safety.  They thought that I was going to be happy with it because I didn't want to play safety to begin with, but I wasn't happy with it.  I've been working on this safety stuff all summer.  And I feel like if I go to corner, I'm not going to be involved in the game…, it is going to take me out of the game.  I told the coach I want to stay at safety.  I'm probably going to be back to safety next week.  Brandon is going to play safety this week since I'm not playing.  Next week when I come back, I'll probably be at safety and the thing is that we got somebody that didn't play last year, but he'll be playing next game.  They're going to move him to corner and they are going to have the other corner and they going to move me and Brandon back to safety.  That's how it is going to work out."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk visits.  What was it like at Ohio State?

Cullen Christian:  "That's what I'm talking about.  When I came in, it was live.  It was crazy man.  It was crazy.  I've never seen a game like that.  I'm sure I'll see another one when I go to the Michigan-Ohio State game.  That game was crazy, my boys right next to me and we was screaming right next to each other trying to get each others attention, like you couldn't hear anything.  It was live."

Sam Webb:  Who went with you?

Cullen Christian:  "My teammate, he play corner.  One of my dad's friends took me up there."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to spend a lot of time with the coaches?

Cullen Christian:  "Naw.  I didn't talk to any of the coaches.  I watched the game.  None of the coaches came out on a little run when I got there.  There were no coaches there.  I guess they were in the locker room doing what they have to do for the game."

Sam Webb:  Have you talked to them recently about an offer at all? Have they said they moving closer to one or anything like that?

Cullen Christian:  "Yeah they told me last week, they told me…I didn't get a chance to talk them after the game.  They told me that I'll probably get one coming up this week or something like that."

Sam Webb:  If and when that happens what does that do to your list and where does that put O-State on it?

Cullen Christian:  "I'm still open and everything but…they could probably like top five.  They could probably get in the top five because you know it's kind of late."

Sam Webb:  You said at this point O-State might move into your top five; give me your list in order at this point.

Cullen Christian:  "My list is Michigan, then West Virginia, UCLA, Maryland and Pitt.  Pitt, if they were farther away they would be higher because of the opportunity there.  Honestly, I think I could start there right now over the other dude that is there.  They got two seniors leaving next year and all the other corners look like 5'7".  It's just too close for me.  If it was more distant… I need to get away from the house man. (Long) distance aint the problem for me.  That's why I think if O-State were to offer they would get into the top five.  Pitt, I like the program and I really like the coaches and everything, but it's just too close man.  That's why I think OSU could get into the top five."

Sam Webb:  Have you set up any official visit yet?

Cullen Christian:  "I'm going to take some officials.  I got one set up for Maryland I think the 26th.  UCLA, I'm about to set that up.  It was supposed to be this weekend but…Michigan…I'm going to check that.  I'm just going to take my time setting that one up since I've been up there so many times.  There are schools I've got set up.  I'm going to take my last one, I don't know for who yet."

Sam Webb:  When was the last time you talked to Coach Gibson or anybody at Michigan?

Cullen Christian:  "I called Coach Rod today but he didn't pick up the phone.  I'll probably give him another call a little later.  I talked to Coach Gibby.  Sunday, I talked to him."

Sam Webb:  What was the discussion about?

Cullen Christian:  "He asked me how the game was and everything like that.  He asked me if they were still number one and everything like that.  Everything is cool.  He wasn't acting like everybody else was acting, nervous and stuff like that.  We talked about their game and how he thinks the secondary did and things like that.  He was telling me that I was still their number one guy and everything like that.  He was asking about my game and everything."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to see any of Michigan-Notre Dame?

Cullen Christian:  "I seen the highlights and stuff, but then I wanted to watch the game.  It came on repeat and I watched the game when it came on again."

Sam Webb:  So what did you think?

Cullen Christian:  "They're coming up.  The hard work is paying off.  You can tell.  They didn't give up in that game and they could have gave up.  It's just like they not going to lose – they just don't want to lose.  They're going to win at all costs.  They're gelling.  They look good.  The secondary, I thought they did pretty good.  Donovan (Warren), he had a good game beside the one touchdown he got caught on, he had a decent game.  Boubacar (Cissoko), his game wasn't as solid.  He's a good player and I think he'll bounce back next week."

Sam Webb:  At one point you were talking about making a decision in October.  Are you pretty sure that you won't do that now?

Cullen Christian:  "I'm not sure.  I'm not sure.  I'm really not sure.  I don't know what's going on with that.  My dad got to set something up.  I got to talk to him about it though.  I've just been worrying about the football season and school."


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