Michigan Strengthens Bond with Prather

Memphis, TN wing Casey Prather made his way to Michigan for the first time last weekend and came away extremely impressed. The four-star prospect's AAU coach recapped the visit with GBW, discussed what the most significant factors in his star pupil's choice will be, laid out his decision timetable, and more.

Sam Webb:  Have you had an opportunity to talk to him (Casey Prather) about how the visit went?

Alex Waddey:  "I have actually yeah.  I talked to him and his dad last night."

Sam Webb:  What were his impressions of his time in Ann Arbor?

Alex Waddey:  "He really enjoyed it.  He got along really well with the players and the coaches.  He was able to play with them and really enjoyed playing with them and seeing the campus.  I think he was a little surprised how much he enjoyed it."

Sam Webb:  Did he get an opportunity to play with the players while he was up in Ann Arbor?

Alex Waddey:  "He did play with them."

Sam Webb:  Did he talk about that at all, about how that went?

Alex Waddey:  "He thought he played really well and he thought he fit in with the players, both on and off the court.  He really enjoyed that."

Sam Webb:  For folks who haven't seen him play can you talk about his game a little bit and how he might fit in at Michigan?

Alex Waddey:  "Yeah.  Casey as far as fitting in there, he has…I know Coach Beilein likes guys that are versatile and can do a lot of different things, but he likes guys that can shoot the ball, which is important, obviously in his offense.  Casey has a very good midrange game.  He has got a developing three point shot.  He shoots it well.  If he were to choose Michigan that game would only continue to develop.  Casey does provide a little bit different aspect, I know they have some of it but not as much, is just his sheer athleticism.   Then as far as on the defensive end, he is long and athletic and would really be an asset to the defensive that they play, the kind of 1-3-1 matchup.  He would fit really well with what Coach Beilein and his staff do."

Sam Webb:  In your opinion coach, how hard is Michigan recruiting him relative to the other schools that are on him at this point?

Alex Waddey:  "They've done a great job with Casey.  They've stayed in constant contact as far as everything they are permitted to do by the rules.  They contact him via email.  Casey calls them and Coach Beilein I think has an in-home set up I think for this week.  I could be mixing it up.  He could have come in last week, but I think it is this week that he is coming in.  They've done a great job and all their efforts in really showing him how much they would love to have him at Michigan.  I think he is at the top of their list.  He is a little bit of a different player than what they have in that he is a major athlete.  They can do a lot of different things as far as handling the basketball and shooting the ball.  That athleticism that he would bring to the program is something that I don't think they have at least at that level."

Sam Webb:  How would you sort of describe his relationship with them?  I know he's only been up there one time, but have they been able to forge a strong relationship with Casey thus far?

Alex Waddey:  "Yeah I think they have.  Like I said, they've stayed in contact with him and although he has only been there once, Casey has done a lot of research on the school.  He knows the academic reputation that Michigan has and they've done a good job of providing him information on the school and the program and kind of how they would use him and see him fitting in with the program."

Sam Webb:  Knowing him as you do and knowing his dad as you do, what do you think are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?  The second part of that is when do you think he will make his decision?

Alex Waddey:  "I think the most important factor in his decision making process really will be player development; obviously Casey is ultra athletic.  So he wants to find a coach that has a reputation and a history of continuing to develop players once they get to school.  In Casey's case, it would be developing his perimeter game, his outside shot.  So that he can increase any chance he may have to get to his next level.  Casey is an intelligent kid, so academics are obviously going to play a major role, but I think the most important factor is the player development aspect of it."

Sam Webb:  When do you think he'll sit down and make his choice?

Alex Waddey:  "He goes to Florida this weekend and then he goes to Vandy either following weekend or two weeks after that and then I think they'll sit down.  Casey is not one of these kids who wants the drama and draw out the recruiting process.  He understands that schools want to know and at the same time, he wants to make the best decision for him, but after the process he will have visited most of the schools and he has a built a relationship up with the coaches that he'll make a decision within a couple of weeks of finishing up that visit with Vandy."

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