Gardner Excited by the Michigan Offense

The Inkster Vikings are off to a 0-2 start on the young season despite the herculean effort turned in by five-star signal caller Devin Gardner. The Michigan commitment is looking forward to the opportunity to lead his team back from the brink and to the possibilities that await him once he moves on to Ann Arbor.

Sam Webb:  I know your team hasn't started the season how you wanted, but you've still played really well.  Do you recall what your stats are?

Devin Gardner:  "The first game I had 133 yards passing and 113 rushing and the second game I had 389 passing and 102 rushing."

Sam Webb:  You guys had last week off, so I imagine that was a time to regroup.  What kind of things did you guys work on during the off week?

Devin Gardner:  "We just worked on doing everything right.  We just made a lot of mistakes and everything.  We made a lot of mistakes and everything.  We worked on doing everything right.  I pulled my groin the last game, so I rested up and I just threw a lot.  We were throwing a whole lot last week and this week I ran some.  I'm doing pretty good."

Sam Webb:  On this team, you're the voice that everyone follows.  Did you sense any panic in your teammates from going 0-2 or are they been pretty cool about it the whole time?

Devin Gardner:  "We good.  At first everyone was panicking and everything after starting 0-2, but everybody here and we ready to go tomorrow."

Sam Webb:  You've been on the sideline for the Michigan game the last two weeks… what do you think of Tate's play thus far?

Devin Gardner:  "He's doing good.  He's making plays when he needs to make plays.  Handed the ball off whenever he needs to and doing what he supposed to do – winning."

Sam Webb:  When you see this offense work do you see the possibilities… do you see what you might be able to do in the future in that offense?

Devin Gardner:  "Heck yeah!  It is the same thing in our offense.  I'm doing what I'm doing right now and I know I can see myself doing it all the time."

Sam Webb:  Are there still schools out there that are contacting Devin Gardener's cell phone, still sending mail and stuff like that?

Devin Gardner:  "Kansas and Tennessee was at the East Kentwood game (in week 2) I heard.  All of them still send mail and everything, West Virginia.  Mostly they just sending me mail."

Sam Webb:  To the fan who says, I wonder if Devin is still going to come here with a couple of quarterbacks or the fan who says, hey, I wonder if these other schools are going to be able to convince to go elsewhere; what do you say?

Devin Gardner:  "If they want to speculate, time will tell and they'll see what school I'm going to.  Obviously, they can see where I'm committed right now, can't they?"

Sam Webb:  Yeah, they can.  How often do you talk to Coach Rod or Coach Rod Smith or the guys at Michigan?

Devin Gardner:  "I talk to Coach Smith all the time.  I just talked to him last night actually." 

Sam Webb:  Are you giving any thought to enrolling at Michigan mid year?

Devin Gardner:  "Yeah.  I got to make sure that everything is straight and everything… make sure I got all my credits and stuff.  That's a possibility, but I don't know for sure."

Sam Webb:  If you do have your credits in order, let's assume for the sake of argument; how likely do you think that is?

Devin Gardner:  "Very likely.  That just gives me an early start so I can learn the offense and all the signals and everything.  I don't think the offense will be much of a problem to learn, just the signals and everything, the hand signals and stuff like that.  Other than that, if my credits and everything are straight I'm going to go."

Sam Webb:  Have you talking to any of your fellow commitments or any uncommitted recruits or anybody like that?

Devin Gardner:  "I talk to Ricardo (Miller).  I talk to Jerald Robinson and Austin (White), those guys and Jeremy (Jackson).  I haven't talked to anybody that hasn't really committed because it seems like if they're going to come they going to come right now.  I just talk to the people who are committed right now."

Sam Webb:  I know you spend time focusing on your thing, your team and your performance, but does a part of you peak at what Joe Boisture is doing and what Robert Bolden is doing and take notice of how much better you might be doing at this point?

Devin Gardner:  "Yeah (laughter), I see I'm doing a lot better.  I went to one of Rob's game.  I don't know if it's fair because he don't get to do nothing (laughing).  I feel bad for him. I went to their game because one of my good friends Earnest Thomas plays for Orchard St. Mary's, so I went to the game with his mom.  I heard Boisture wasn't doing as well as people thought he would, but I'm really just concentrating on my game."

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