U-M Adjusts: 21-0 in 2nd half, 45-17 final

Michigan shuts out Eastern Michigan in the 2nd half and puts up 21 to win it going away.

First Half Drives, Stats.



U-M Possession #1

Stonum took the kickoff to their 25.

On 1st down Forcier threw it 10 to Stonum to the 35.

In 2 plays Brown got a 2nd first down to the U-M 45.

On 3rd down Forcier was sacked -10 back to the U-M 33.

Mesko punted it 59 yards to the EMU 8, returned to the 12.

EMU Possession #1

After a 2nd down -3 TFL by Brandon Graham and Roh, EMU went 3 and out.

The EMU punt bounced out of bounds at the U-M 46 at the 11:11 mark.

U-M Possession #2

U-M went 3 and out as Martell Webb dropped a perfect 3rd down pass over the middle.

Mesko punted it 42 yards to the EMU 9 at the 9:50 mark.

EMU Possession #2

EMU went 3 and out on a 3rd down gang-TFL.

The EMU punt bounced to the U-M 40 at the 7:28 mark.

U-M Possession #3

On 3rd down Forcier scrambled to the EMU 35.

On 2nd down Shaw ran it 18 to the U-M 8.

After a flag, Odoms ran it in from the 14 on a reverse at the 4:47 mark.

Michigan 31, EMU 17

EMU Possession #3

EMU took the kickoff to the EMU 19.

On 3rd down Roh intercepted a tipped ball at the EMU 21 at the 3:47 mark.

U-M Possession #4

Forcier was hit and went down on 1st down (looked like he got the wind knocked out). Denard Robinson in.
On 3rd down Robinson ran it 13 for the score at the 3:06 mark.

Michigan 38, EMU 17

EMU Possession #4

EMU took the out of bounds kickoff at the EMU 40.

EMU got a 1st down to the U-M 48.

After a holding call on 1st down EMU recovered with a 1st down to the U-M 33.

Third Quarter Stats:
U-M gained 102 yards for the quarter, 17 passing and 119 rushing.
EMU gained 52 yards, 44 passing and 8 rushing.


EMU got 3rd 1st down to the U-M 20.

EMU got a 4th 1st down to the U-M 9.

After a 3rd down gang-TFL, EMU failed to score. U-M took over on downs at the U-M 5 at the 9:19 mark.

U-M Possession #5

U-M started at their 5, and went 3 and out.

Mesko punted it 41 yards to the U-M 49 at the 7:55 mark.

EMU Possession #5

On 1st down EMU QB Schmidt fumbled it without contact and Graham recovered it at the EMU 46 at the 7:48 mark.

U-M Possession #6

On the first play Vincent Smith, in at RB, ran it 10 for the 1st down at the EMU 36.

On the next play Robinson ran it 36 for the TD at the 7:14 mark.

Michigan 45, EMU 17

EMU Possession #6

EMU ran the kickoff back to the EMU 14.

With a new QB in, EMU got a 1st down to the EMU 24, then the drive stalled.

The punt went into the end zone, U-M started at the 20 at the 3:46 mark.

U-M Possession #7

On 2nd down EM intercepted it on a bomb at the 3:05 mark ... EMU takes it at the EMU 30.

EMU Possession #7

With a FLoyd Simons TFL on 3rd down, EMU went 3 and out.

Mathews caught the punt at the U-M 35 at the :57 mark.

Mike Cox ran it 24 to the EMU 41.

Cox ran it again to the EMU 34 ... and time ran out.

Final Stats

EMU gained 286 yards, 106 passing and 180 rushing
In the 1st half EMU gained 173 yards, 44 passing and 129 rushing ... and scored 17 points.
In the 2nd half EMU gained 113 yards, 62 passing and just 51 rushing ... and had 0 points.

U-M gained 448 yards, 68 passing and 380 rushing.
In the 1st half U-M gained 270 yards, 51 passing and 219 rushing, and scored 24
In the 2nd half U-M gained 178 yards, 17 passing and 161 rushing, and scored 21.
Carlos Brown ran for 189 yards and 2 TDs on just 13 carries.
Denard Robinson had 60 yards and 2 TDs on just 3 carries ... but he threw 2 ints as well.
Forcier was 7-13 passing for 68 yards.

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