Josh Furman Part Two: Post-Michigan Visit

In part one of his GBW interview, Millersville, MD S/RB/LB Josh Furman and his father discussed with us some of the things they wanted to pay attention to on their visit to Michigan for the Notre Dame weekend. Now that they have had time to think about their weekend in Ann Arbor, what are they currently thinking? Josh and his father both go in depth with GBW.

Part one of the Furman-GBW interview: Click Here.


  "I was blown away after visiting Michigan," the father of Josh Furman told GoBlueWolverine. "I would have no stress on me if my son came to play football here."

Mr. Furman apparently views the program in a favorable light now that he has had a chance to visit and see for himself what it is really all about.

  "I was looking at the game, but I was more so looking at the interaction between the players and the coaches on the sideline. I wanted to see them in game time situations. Things were a little tough during the game but Coach Rodriguez, Dews and Robinson didn't go for the panic button. When you expected them to fall apart they stayed together and composed."

  Coach Rich Rodriguez certainly had the spotlight on him during this visit ... and both father and son quickly found out that you can't believe everything you hear.

  "I felt like Coach Rodriguez is a good person and a good coach," Josh said, "and that is not what I had heard. He wants to win in a positive way, and I see what he is trying to do for the program in the right way."

  Mr. Furman chimes in as well.

  "There is no chink in the armor with this guy. He is nothing like I have heard about. Coach Rodriguez has class, charisma and character. Kids are not just football players to him. He treats them like family; they go over to his house and chill. I like that."

  The visit also allowed Josh to see other parts of Michigan that he had only seen on TV.or had heard about.

  "I had very good time. The Big House was loud and action-packed. It is a great place and the crowd was great too. Having a chance to be around the players was nice. They are very outgoing and they were really trying to get to know me. They are the type of guys that are just like me."

  The fan base also impressed the Furmans.

  "On our way to the game the streets were flooded with fans everywhere. I have never seen that many fans going to a game before," Josh said.

  "110,000 people -- to see all that Maize and Blue was something to see," added Mr. Furman.

  Academics are very important to the Furmans, and their visit allowed them to see what kind of support Josh would receive.

"Shari Acho was great by the way she supports her guys; she cares and puts work in to help them," Josh said. "From what I see if you flunk it is your fault, it is not because she didn't help; she is a real people-person." Mr. Furman thinks that Shari is someone "I want my son to be around. She is a nice person who really has the players' academic interest at heart."

  On Sunday they had the chance to might with the staff, and, as is the case with most recruits, for 'some reason' Mike Barwis stole the show.

  "Mike Barwis -- with what he has going on up their could really help my son as he has helped most of the players there. His training helps them to become better players."

  Josh clearly can see the benefits also of what Mike Barwis has to offer him.

  "He is one of a kind. I have never seen anything like he does, and I have visited a lot of places. His workouts help guys get bigger, stronger and faster. If I was to choose Michigan I would be a lethal weapon training under him."

  Greg Robinson was another person of interest to Josh, and he came away liking what he had seen from him.

  "He is a coach that will coach you the whole game. If you make a mistake he is not going to give up on you, he is going to stick with you. I like Coach Robinson and the way he coaches. I like the hybrid ("Spinner") position as well, and the way he has guys playing multiple positions, it is a position I am very interested in."

  Josh clearly likes what the Wolverines have to offer, but he has a few other schools that are in the mix as well. West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Maryland are schools he is continuing to look at, and he has a visit set up to see Virginia Tech on October 10.

  Josh now has something to compare against the other schools he will soon visit.

  "I will be comparing my other visits to Michigan. They have a solid Strength and Conditioning program, and academics. So I am looking forward to my visit to Virginia Tech. I visited there before and really enjoyed myself, so I want to see what they have to offer as well."

  Michigan seemed to answer all of there questions including those about family, tradition and alumni. Watching from afar is different from seeing first hand what it is really like.

  "Michigan has a great tradition. They are a winning program -- they didn't have a good year last season but they will this year. This is the type of program I would want to be a part of. As far as their Alumni it is the largest living alumni; you never know who can help you as a student or after you graduate, and that is very important."

  Mr. Furman likes what Michigan has to offer in those areas as well.

  "They have a great alumni with the connections and the network to help their own. I also enjoyed watching the former players coming back and seeing how proud they were of the program. I had a chance to see the realness with the coaches; I observed the sense of family around the program. When they talk about family they really mean it, these coaches want my son to be a part of the family. I really get an understanding of that."

  The visit went great but the time spent with his son was the most invaluable to Mr. Furman.

  "This was a great moment to share with my son -- going to his first collegiate football game, that is what was special for me." 

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