Frey Sees Line Making Strides

After Michigan notched 380 yards rushing in its 45-17 victory over Eastern Michigan, offensive line coach Greg Frey discusses the progress of his unit, the injuries that have impacted it, and more.

Question:  Without watching film, it seemed like (John) Ferrara held his own in there and did a pretty decent job in there.

Greg Frey:  "Yeah.  He started a few games last year.  I don't know exactly how many, but he's an experienced guy.  He's an older guy, fourth year.  We had faith in him that he would come in and be able to handle what he needed to handle."

Question:  Rich said he was a little bit concerned about (David) Molk; how concerned are you?

Greg Frey:  "I let the trainers handle that.  We just keep plugging along and going."

Question:  Will it be (David) Moosman if Molk can't go and Moose is ready to go?

Greg Frey:  "We'll see what all the options are."

Question:  Is it kind of a testament of your depth that you guys really didn't miss a beat after losing him?

Greg Frey:  "You'd like everybody to be out there and everybody to be rolling.  Moose played a heck of a game the week before that and we'd like to get them all back and healthy and make our jobs hard as coaches; that's what you hope for."

Question:  What does it mean to have the depth at running back that you guys?  Obviously Brandon Minor was a little banged up today and Carlos just picked up where he left off.

Greg Frey:  "Coach Jackson does a great job with those guys and we got some young guys coming along too as well; offensive line and running backs.  It's nice.  It's sort of like a baseball game.  You got a change of pace, you got Brandon that can bang up in there and Carlos who gets into the second level can go 90, as we saw today.  It's nice to have all the different options and they do a great job of getting those right guys in at the right time."

Question:  Was that the best the line has blocked since you've been here?

Greg Frey:  "I don't know.  We'll see on film.  We got to see it.  We made mistakes in there.  We could have been a lot cleaner.  The good thing was that we were able to get some guys into second level and let them do what they do."

Question:  Have you seen a progression from game one to game two to game three; have they gotten better in your eyes?

Greg Frey:  "Yeah, you know that's such a….we're doing some things better and we need to improve on other things.  You like to see that but the one thing that I will tell you about this group is that it is very important for them to win for Michigan.  It is very important that they play hard and they dedicate themselves to it.  It means a lot to them.  When you're coaching a group of guys like that, you enjoy it."

Question:  I know you haven't watched the film yet, Ferrara steps in and you guys have your best rushing performance of the year; what do you think of his play just from what you've seen so far?

Greg Frey:  "Just from watching out there.  John before the game and as we talked and we felt was the best option for us today.  He started a few games last year.  He is an experienced guy.  He had some success.  He moved over from defense and so he's got some seasoning behind him.  He's been out there in front of the people and so I was real happy for him. I think he did a great job and we'll see how great a job and all that stuff and all the specifics.  He plays hard and it means a lot to him."

Question:  How do you feel that the chemistry has developed on the offensive line so far?

Greg Frey:  "We're making some strides.  We're making some strides.  I'd like to get the younger guys accelerated a little bit more.  I think as far as the chemistry of the group goes, I think they are progressing real well.  I think they are comfortable in there.  Like you saw today, we lost one starter and Ferrara came in and there wasn't a breakdown in communication.  We've got to clean some things up, but you saw a smooth transition and that's nice.  I feel comfortable with a few others like that too.  I'd like to get 10 to 12 guys, 13 guys out there."

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