Crable Lays Out The Last Week

It's getting harder and harder to get through to the remaining recruits. These kids are undecided, and not that anxious to talk about it to the persistant press. Plus they have been getting calls, etc., for so many months now --- what was a thrill in the summer is now a tough, pressure-packed 'drag'. It's the REAL 'Joe Millionaire'. Nonetheless, linebacker <B>Shawn Crable</b> came to the phone to talk Monday night, after a long 'snow day' in his home town Massillon, Ohio.

All-American linebacker Shawn Crable (Dec. 13 official visit, 2002 Michigan camper, 6-6, 225 lbs., 4.74 in the 40, 10.8 100 meters, 2.8 GPA/15 ACT) from Massillon, Ohio, Washington didn't really want to come to the phone, but when he did he was willing to talk.

What's your timetable Shawn?

"The 5th. I'll announce a decision on Signing Day."

Is it still Michigan, Ohio State and Pitt?

"Yeah. It's pretty even between the three, I'm wide open between them. I'll be talking with my mom over the next week, weighing the pros and cons of every school. When you go on visits you see the better things at a school. But there are other things ... who's got better academics ... who (family, friends) can come see you play at each school."

So what are the 'cons' of Michigan for you?

"The down side of Michigan ... I'm not a big winter person, I pretty much stay inside. Michigan gets more snow than we do even. But then my top schools all get snow!" (laughs ... this is the end of a snow-day remember) "I'll be talking with my mom and my brother (younger brother Jamie), going over both sides of every school."

During the US Army All-Star week, people were saying you told them it was Michigan ... I even heard you say it once, but I didn't report it because you were saying it to other kids, not to me ... besides, you hadn't taken your OSU and Pitt visits yet.

"Yeah, we were just all talking down there a lot, all of us, about schools that we liked. Then me and Prescott (Burgess) were hanging out a lot, and people took it from there... saying if Prescott is going to Michigan, Shawn must be going too."

Well, we know where Jamie wants you to go (younger brother Jamie is a Michigan fan).

"You know where Jamie wants me to go now? Today he told me he wants me to go to the Bahamas, so he can follow me there (laughs)."

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