Michigan Catches Smith's Eye

West Chester (OH) Lakota West TE Alex Smith took a good look at the Michigan Wolverines in action a few weeks ago. Now he has a new appreciation for the offense the tight end's role in it. The one-time Cincinnati verbal is now prepared to give the Maize & Blue a longer look.

Sam Webb:  Sounds like your official visit to Wisconsin earlier this month went well?

Alex Smith:  "Yeah it went well.  I got to go there on an official and my mom got to come this time.  She liked it.  I liked it.  It was a good visit.   On October 2nd and 3rd, I go to UNC (North Carolina)."

Sam Webb:  Have you set any other visits up yet?

Alex Smith:  "Nope not anything yet."

Sam Webb:  At one time, you thought maybe thought about scheduling a return trip to Michigan.  Are you still thinking about that?

Alex Smith:  "Yeah… I just got off the phone with Coach Hopson.  I'm thinking one of the October games, probably the Penn State game.  (Michigan) had a bunch of home games and now they are going to have a bunch of away games.  That Penn State game, he said would be a good weekend to come up."

Sam Webb:  Have you been watching the teams on your list at all? 

Alex Smith:  "Yeah, I've been watching Michigan.  I got to see the Notre Dame game with me and a bunch of my friends and everything.  I'm also just seeing who's coming (in the recruiting class).  After having played with Austin White in that ESPN seven-on-seven game that went real well.  You know that my mom is definitely, definitely wanting to get me back up there."

Sam Webb:  Have you been watching the tight ends in particular?  

Alex Smith:  "Yeah I really have, mostly (Michigan) and Wisconsin have been great with the tight ends.  Wisconsin always has been.  I think Wisconsin had two touchdowns and 10 catches between them last time.  I saw (Michigan) score in the Notre Dame game too.  I'm seeing that and even though it is a more spread type offense, the tight ends are very much incorporated in it."

Sam Webb:  You talk about Michigan, UNC and Wisconsin as possible visits; what about the two remaining visits? Do you think you'll take those or what?

Alex Smith:  "I'm not sure, but probably not.  I took an unofficial up to Kentucky and saw them play.  I'm probably going to see them after the UNC game this weekend. I'm probably going to watch them play Florida.  In the past weekend, I went to them playing Louisville because I want to see Josh Chichester and John Connor play who played at (Lakota) West.  I wanted to watch those two play.  If anything, honestly, I'll keep those two visits.  If I decide to (visit) UK, I will have an official visit left so after the season I can go there.  They were saying they don't like having them during the season.  If I decide to go there to go there after."

Sam Webb:  Have you thought about it any further about what your timeline is going to look like; are you going to wait until the all star game to make a decision or after, or are you going to try and get things done before that?

Alex Smith:  "I wouldn't mind getting it done sooner than later, I'll tell you that much.  I feel like I owe it to my team to have my decision made up before, because I really feel like we have a good playoff run and finish off the season the right way.  I really feel like I owe it to them to be completely focused on us."

Sam Webb:  How is your season going so far?

Alex Smith:  "Real good.  We're 3-1 right now.  We're in conference play and we lost our first game by one point."

Sam Webb:  How are you doing individually?

Alex Smith:  "Pretty good.  I've had four catches a game.  I got two touchdowns right now, so that's pretty good."

Sam Webb:  I'll probably check back in a couple of weeks to see if you have finalized, which date  you're going to visit on.

Alex Smith:  "Yes...  I'll have it in the next two weeks."

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