David Moosman Explains All

David Moosman talks about the snap problems, about the O-line, the offense, about how everyone picks each other up ... and about Tate.

Question: It's been said that center is maybe the second most difficult position beside the quarterback; how difficult is it to make the transition without (David) Molk and stepping in?

David Moosman: "It was tough. I knew the assignments. I got where I needed to be a good number of times, I just have the guys around me to pick me up and get the job done when I let them down a little bit. Many props to Indiana, they did really well. Tate (Forcier) and Denard (Robinson), they picked me up. They caught the snap… and everybody else… it was just great. It was good seeing everybody come together in some bad situations."

Question: Did you guys feel out of sorts as an offense; this was the first time that you guys kind of struggled?

David Moosman: "I feel that once we got things under control and I settled down and we got the stops where they needed to and we got into a rhythm, I think we did just fine. Everybody got their assignments. We were clicking. We were running and we ran the ball against a great defense. There is sometimes when we stutter, we do a couple of great things and then we have a bad play. We get a penalty; we have bad snaps, something goes wrong. Once we get it rolling, once we start clicking, I think it is going to be a good offense; and we got to work that every play."

Question: Can you talk the late game heroics from Tate. Obviously, he hadn't had his best game; that interception was terrible and he obviously came through for you in the clutch.

David Moosman: "Like I said, when one guy is down a little bit, the other guys picked it up. When Tate was down, the O-line picked it up and when we were down Tate picked us up, and those wide receivers on the catches. When one guy isn't doing so well, everybody else does their part."

Question: Did you notice a difference on that last drive?

David Moosman: "We knew what had to get done and so everybody was in the same mindset of getting the right thing and everybody doing our jobs. When everybody does their job, then we'll be rolling."

Question: Can you assess the line with three guys out of position essentially; how do you guys think you did?

David Moosman: "We all know what our jobs are. We just got to do it as hard and as fast as we can do it. Now we got one game under belt with this situation and we are going to go from there."

Question: How big is continuity amongst the linemen?

David Moosman: "It is everything. We had it before, it got upset a little bit. We are getting it back."

Question: Is the plan to keep the same five guys for State?

David Moosman: "Yeah. The plan is to get the best five guys out there. I feel like we got that right now. We got a lot of guys that are pushing and coming up that are really close. If someone else needs to step up, they will."

Question: How is your shoulder feeling?

David Moosman: "The shoulder is doing fine. It is just getting used to everything. Once I get ready with these snaps, the shoulder is not going to be an issue."

Question: Do you have to snap any differently depending on the quarterback or is it always the same?

David Moosman: "I need to snap how they want. It doesn't change that much."

Question: What would you attribute the problems too; just a different approach?

David Moosman: "It seems like when it rains it pours. I had that one bad play. It was a mental play on my part and then I let it get to me. We finally got it clicking, got it rolling and got it set up, and it was just fine. I just got to stay confident, stay right and we'll do better."

Question: Was the ball wet at all?

David Moosman: "It was a little bit difficult to get the feeling of the ball, but it was my fault. It should have been fine. It should have been there."

Question: It looked like the guy was still in the neutral zone, is that what you saw when you snapped the ball?

David Moosman: "I wasn't expecting him to jump the second time and that's what I saw. It was my fault. I should have just kept the ball."

Question: Did you feel that you started to click as the game went on? You guys got three different guys playing different positions.

David Moosman: "I felt like we were clicking the whole first half and then that fourth quarter back we got it back."

Question: What's Tate's demeanor in the huddle, same as always?

David Moosman: "Yeah. He's a weird kid (chuckling), but he gets the job done and that's what we like."

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