Michigan Still Sticks Out for Grimes

Hollywood, FL CB Tony Grimes became one of the most heavily recruited corners in the country over the summer, but through all of that attention Michigan maintained its place atop his list. Not much has changed in that regard this fall. As a matter of fact, a recent move by the Wolverines may have strengthened their chances.

Sam Webb:  How is the season going for you so far?

Tony Grimes:  "We 2-1 right now.  I've got two picks, 16 tackles and six pass deflections.  I'm over 200 yards in returns." 

Sam Webb:  So teams are still trying to throw at you?

Tony Grimes:  "Naw, actually I've been playing more safety now this year."

Sam Webb:  Is that something to help the team or is that something you want to do in college?

Tony Grimes:  "Naw that's not where I'm going to play at in college that's just to help the team out like you said.  My coach said I can make more plays in the middle of the field, so they can't keep it away from me."

Sam Webb:  What do things look like as far as visits go?  Have you finalized anymore dates?

Tony Grimes:  "I'm taking a visit to Michigan with my teammate Clarence Murphy for the Ohio State game.  That's the only one I got set so far."

Sam Webb:  I heard that Michigan has offered Clarence a scholarship.  How did he react to that?

Tony Grimes:  "He was really hyped."

Sam Webb:  I see you guys have discussed going to the same school. Is that something you're definitely going to do?

Tony Grimes:  "Oh yeah we going to school together.  We already made that decision."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan, what other schools have offered you both scholarships?

Tony Grimes:  "Wisconsin and Ole Miss are some schools we looking in to."

Sam Webb:  I know you were saying before that you had a list of favorites and you had Michigan on top.  How do things look for you now?

Tony Grimes:  "They're still in the same place.  Michigan always be on the top of the board."

Sam Webb:  Who are the other schools that you really looking at and they pretty strong for you?

Tony Grimes:  "I'm going to have Michigan and Ole Miss.  They're really high on my chart right now.  Those are two schools that I'm for sure taking officials to.  Aside from the them, I don't know where I'm going to take my next three yet."

Sam Webb:  Are you surprised by Michigan's 4-0 start?

Tony Grimes:  "Naw, I aint surprised. I told you that they get back right (laughing)."

Sam Webb:  Have you been able to watch any of their games or have you just been seeing the highlights?

Tony Grimes:  "All of them.  I've watched every game so far."

Sam Webb:  Tell me what you see on defense.  Do you see an opportunity for immediate playing time?

Tony Grimes:  "I can't talk bad about the players that we have right now because there is some pretty decent players on defense and some pretty decent players that play the same position as me.  All I can say right now is that whatever campus I get on, when I get on campus, I'm going to be ready to work.  I hope whoever I'm competing against is ready to work too, because I'm looking to start next year."

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