Complete Transcript: Brandon Graham

Complete Transcript: Brandon Graham speaks about the defense and Michigan State.

Question: Were you guys disappointed in how much success they had against you?

Brandon Graham: "They came with a game plan. We just said that we are going to have to fight. They want to win the Big Ten, just like we want to win the Big Ten, so it was going to be a fight. We made some adjustments and we came out with a victory in the end."

Question: This is now the third straight week that you guys really struggled to defend the run; are you guys are concerned that this team has a flaw in it in defending the run?

Brandon Graham: "No. It's all going to come together. We just going to keep fighting. That's what we do. We go out there, we work hard for 60 minutes, we going to leave it up to the offense to keep them moving too, so it is like both ways. We go out there and do what we can so we can get these three and outs. We fight hard, that's all that matters; we play hard."

Question: Was there a lot of confusion on the first three or four series in the game, defensively?

Brandon Graham: "We don't know yet, we'll see when we get in the film. We don't know yet, we was playing. They made some good reads, that's all I can really say."

Question: Did it feel like it on the field though?

Brandon Graham: "We don't know. I don't know. I'll find out on the film tomorrow."

Question: You guys stressed tackling in the offseason so much and that first week you guys were phenomenal at it. Can you talk about the slippage that you guys have had tackling; there is a lot of missed tackles going on right now.

Brandon Graham: "We just got to keep working. We won today. I feel good. That's stuff we can correct. We just got to turn it up in practice. We going to keep getting better each week."

Question: Was does it mean that you guys are 4-0 going into this Michigan State game?

Brandon Graham: "It means a lot. It means we better play hard for 60 minutes, because we going to work hard. We going to play hard all day every day."

Question: Do you think some of the guys were looking past this game to next week for the game against Michigan State?

Brandon Graham: "Naw, we try to take it one game at a time. When we got to the locker room, it was all about State. We didn't really hear State this week – we heard Indiana. That's all we were worried about."

Question: Can you talk about Donovan's (Warren) interception there; you needed one big play and you got it.

Brandon Graham: "That's a big time player and big time players make big time plays. That's all I'm going to say with that one."

Question: As an instate guy playing Michigan State after last season, you guys have had a couple of interesting games against them in the past four years; how are excited are you to get at them with a 4-0 record?

Brandon Graham: "We 4-0, but we got to prepare for them. We know they are going to come out. We know they are going to come with stuff that we haven't seen. We just going to keep it up."

Question: Do you talk to any of the guys on Michigan State?

Brandon Graham: "Trevor Anderson because that's who went to high school with me."

Question: Any trash talking going on?

Brandon Graham: "We talk trash to each other but that's how it has always been. Even when he was at Cincinnati, we always stuff, even though we never played them. We always compete, but who doesn't."

Question: Donovan Warren said you guys have to work on your communication, how do you guys think your doing with that?

Brandon Graham: "We got this week to prepare. That's what we going to do. We're going to work real hard. I think it is just a lot of thinking out there. We just got to fly around like we know that we can do."

Question: How does it affect you guys when Coach Robinson is out of town for a few days during the week?

Brandon Graham: "He went somewhere because his daughter had surgery. It never stopped – we've got leaders. I'm going to make sure that the defense is straight. I know what he expects out of us every week. So that's all we demand."

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